Season’s Greetings and Our Top 10 Articles of 2017

  • December 22, 2017
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Season’s Greetings from our team here at Vonigo. With one exception (an article about a kiosk at a Habitat for Humanity location), our most popular articles of 2017 were all about how to grow your service business. Here are the top 10:

1. Trends in Field Solutions: Hardware, Software, Wearables, AR, Robotics

Trends in Field SolutionsThe field service industry has seen a lot of change in a very short time. While the bulk of the tools of the trade may not have changed, some of the new technology has changed dramatically, and even become the status quo.

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2. 10 Facebook Tips: Keeping Your Social House in Order and Up to Date

To help you keep a consistent stream of messaging on your business’s Facebook page, we’ve put together a few communication templates and organization tips for your team to personalize and use as you see fit.

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3. Habitat for Humanity Donations Kiosks Launch at Silicon Valley Location

Habitat for Humanity donationsA new self-serve kiosk solution is saving time for both donors and staff at Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley (HEBSV). The kiosk is a first of its kind for Habitat, but plans for a national rollout are in the works.

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4. Marketing 101: SEO Tips for Encouraging and Displaying Reviews

marketing 101For local service companies, winning at the search game is paramount, and there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of winning those clicks (and bookings!).

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5. SEO for Field Service: Citations are the New Yellow Pages Listings for Local Businesses

For owners of field services businesses, search engine optimization (SEO) is a battlefield unto itself. Where and how you’re listed online is as important now as the Yellow Pages were in times of yore.

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6. 11 Productivity Apps Every Business Owner Should Try

Running a business means a high level of organization… in every area of your life. We’ve compiled 11 of our favorite productivity apps so you can waste less time, read more books, and get more done.

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7. Upselling and Cross-Selling: a Pep-Talk and a Template

When you are looking to improve your sales and customer-retention with up or cross-selling, remember that the items you want to add to their bill are just as useful – and relevant – as the initial service.

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8. 7 Google Adwords Tips to Grow Your Field Service Business

Field Service BusinessGoogle AdWords is a tool, and like any tool, the performance of that tool is limited by the knowledge and skill of the person using it.

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9. How to Get Referrals from Your Existing Service Customers

how to get referralsWant to know how to get referrals from your existing customer base? Smart service businesses know that the path to growth and more revenues is through client referral programs.

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10. (With a Bonus) The Simple Guide to Email Marketing for Field Service Companies

In the tenth spot was part one of a two-part series on email marketing. Part one covers the basics of email marketing, and part two is an introduction to email automation.

Read part one. Read part two.

Thank you again for an amazing year. If would like to learn more about how software can help grow your mobile service business, book a free, private demo of Vonigo.