New Maid Service Software Feature: Tips Handling

If you want to enable the ability to collect tips in your maid service software, here’s how (and why) to do it.

In the low-margin world of maid service, offering a tip to one’s house cleaner is often customary. Since online payments and invoicing have become the status quo, this can prove difficult.

With our tips handling feature, maid service businesses can enable the ability for customers to leave a tip.

Why Offer Tips Handling in Your Maid Service Software?

As mentioned above, maid service is a low-margin business. You want to be able to offer customers a competitive price for your services and still turn a profit. One of the biggest costs of operation is the wage you pay your team.

If you pay too much, you won’t make any margin. But if you pay too little, it will be very hard to retain quality team members.

By enabling this tips handling feature, you can offer customers the ability to tip as it suits them with a few simple clicks. Everybody wins: Your customers can feel good about rewarding quality work, your team can make some additional income, and the quality of their work (and your company’s reputation) might improve as a result. Their job satisfaction and your ability to retain them will also see a lift.

Who is Tips Handling For?

The feature can be used by any service business that wishes to enable the collection of tips. We use the maid services example because it’s the most common, but any service industry in which tips are customary can use it.

Auto detailing, junk removal, movers, painters and more can use it if they wish, provided they believe their customers will have a tolerance for it. A great way to decide if it’s right for you is to measure how many times customers request the ability to leave a tip, or choose to offer one in cash. Cash tips are nice, but might not be the most convenient or first choice for customers.

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The Feature: Tips Handling in Vonigo

The feature offers the customer one of two options, based on their preference.They can enable the ability for a tip to be paid one-time only, or every time the service is done, indefinitely.

In order to facilitate recurring tips, the tip functionality has to be activated under the system settings. This requires that customers pay via online payment and under those same settings, you can also specify the ability to apply for recurring payments.

Want this Feature in Your Maid Service Software?

Book a demo of Vonigo or reach out to our team to learn more about how to enable tips handling.