Scaling Success and Growth for Home Services Companies with EmmerScale

  • November 23, 2023
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Home services companies constantly seek ways to optimize their operations, delight customers, and, most importantly, scale efficiently.

Our partnership with EmmerScale, a powerhouse consultant for home services companies, allows companies to revolutionize their operations and unlock growth.

The Genesis of EmmerScale

Founded by CEO David Gullotti in 2019, EmmerScale emerged from a need David identified during his tenure in executive roles— a universal solution that could propel emerging brands toward scalability and sustained profitability.

Gullotti’s background with brands illuminated the operational challenges they faced. These insights fueled the establishment of EmmerScale, a company dedicated to refining systems and processes, setting businesses on a trajectory for long-term success.

Milestones and Growth: The EmmerScale Journey

Success didn’t take long to knock on EmmerScale’s door. Their partnership with prominent clients like EverLine Coatings is a testament to their ethos of “underpromising and overdelivering.” This dedication has not only won them clients but fostered enduring partnerships that stand the test of business cycles.

2023 marked a milestone for the company with significant team expansion, broadening their spectrum of expertise. With sights set on 2024, EmmerScale is poised for even more substantial growth, equipped to offer unparalleled guidance to businesses eyeing the next level.

The Backbone of EmmerScale: Its People

No company scales the ladder of success without good people. For EmmerScale, one standout is Keegan Orellana. A recent addition to the team, Keegan has become indispensable as Director of Implementation, thanks to his profound knowledge of IT, HR, and onboarding processes. His knack for fostering team collaboration is just the cherry on top, making him an unsung hero in EmmerScale’s scaling story.

“Melissa Howard is another valuable team member who effectively supports clients in marketing and hiring,” says Gullotti. “Additionally, she keeps EmmerScale’s clients well informed and up-to-date by creating blogs and content.”

Bridging Gaps with Vonigo

EmmerScale’s pursuit of a versatile platform for home services companies led them to Vonigo.

“We wanted to find a platform that supported franchises that are still emerging as well as ones that have been franchising for years,” says Gullotti. “Vonigo is a platform that works for both. In addition to that, the Vonigo team is always willing to help from anything like basic support to helping with bigger obstacles our clients might face in a platform.”

EmmerScale’s clients who use Vonigo have experienced a business transformation — they’re now equipped with tools that fit their current needs and are also poised to grow with them. For example, Smash My Trash had eight locations when they first started working with EmmerScale and Vonigo. They’ve since grown to 183 locations and have integrated Vonigo with their Hubspot account, unifying their CRM (customer relationship management) and operations.

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The Road Ahead for the EmmerScale/Vonigo Partnership

“We hope to see our clients using Vonigo and seeing it as a tool that helps their business run, rather than a platform that is part of their business,” says Gullotti.

Clients cherish Vonigo’s flexibility — its adaptability to various services and on-the-road functionality stand out, making it a favorite in the home services space.

Scaling a home service business requires more than just ambition. It demands strategic partnerships, innovative tools, and a commitment to growth, all of which are epitomized by the EmmerScale-Vonigo collaboration.

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