Crawlspace Medic: Using Franchise Management Software to Grow Across the US

  • February 24, 2021
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In 2018, Crawlspace Medic officially began their expansion as a franchise model. With the help of franchise management software, they are growing at a rate of roughly one new location every two months. As a result, they are staking their claim as the leading crawl space company in the country and closing in on $25M in annual revenue.

Here’s how Crawlspace Medic is able to manage all of that growth and expansion. They also share a bit of background as to how they got here.

Setting Big Goals from the Start

“We started in 2014 in Columbia, SC with the goal of becoming the premier crawl space service company in the United States,” says Greg Bajan, CTO of Crawlspace Medic. “We answered the call and need in our niche industry, which requires trustworthy individuals who can communicate, educate and perform residential repairs on homes.”

Perhaps Crawlspace Medic’s success can be attributed to setting that goal from the beginning, or perhaps it has to do with their easy-to-remember name. “The best way to attain that goal is through implementing best practices with our people and technology,” says Greg. “To create a service experience that transcends from employee to customer.”

“Relative to yearly revenue, the ROI can easily be well over 1000%.”
—Greg Bajan, CTO of Crawlspace Medic, speaking about their investment in Vonigo

After a proof of concept with their second location in Charlotte, NC, in 2016, the owners began developing their franchise model, to grow the brand into the southern US. “In 2018, we founded our first franchise and grew the franchise business significantly over the next few years,” says Greg. “As of 2021, we now have over 14 corporately and franchise-owned locations. One big part of this expansion was utilizing a field service software system that could handle our growth, listen to our needs, and continue to execute on industry needs. Vonigo played a huge role in helping us succeed in this way.”

Franchise Management Software that Makes Growth Easier

Their sights were set on being the number one crawl space brand in the US. To achieve that, Crawlspace Medic was looking for a business management platform they could use to provide excellent service immediately. It would also have to accommodate their growth ambitions without any friction.

“With the continual growth of our brand,” says Greg, “We needed software that was:

  • Easy to use, no matter the technical background
  • Worked well on all devices
  • Economically affordable
  • Flexible enough to make changes based upon our needs
  • Provided ability for franchises and franchisor to access crucial data for measuring KPIs on a weekly basis”

They chose Vonigo as their software provider and began working with us to customize the software to match their unique needs.

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A Better Level of Service, Connecting the Entire Company

“If we were to look back to our setup in 2014 to now, it would be night and day,” says Greg. “With the help of a smartphone or laptop, our franchisees, operators and staff are able to fully be involved in the customer journey like never before.”

“A helpful interface makes our own customer experience enjoyable, which leads us to give outstanding customer service to the customer. We constantly hear from customers that we were able to deliver estimates, invoices and other pertinent information much faster than our competitors. This has led to increased conversion of sales and happier customers overall.”

“Vonigo is a very affordable tool that helps us win customers, provide exceptional service and get paid quicker,” says Greg. “The biggest key to this service is that its affordability means new franchisees and operators can have a minimal barrier to entry in operating their business from the ground up. Relative to yearly revenue, the ROI can easily be well over 1000%.”

A Focus on Service and Customer Relationships

We sure are proud to hear all of Greg’s glowing feedback about our product. We make the tools, but success and growth come from a franchise’s own ability to wield them. In this area, Crawlspace Medic is excelling — leveraging technology to provide a better level of service to their customers. It’s definitely working, as they continue to receive excellent customer feedback.

“It’s our ability to listen to them, educate them, and provide them with reliable solutions and expectations,” says Greg of the satisfaction of their customers. “This is accomplished from calling our offices, booking through Vonigo, communicating via email, phone or text, showing up on time, performing our work and making sure they are satisfied with their repairs. All through the click of a few buttons in Vonigo.”

Grow Your Mobile Franchise with Franchise Management Software

When Crawlspace Medic adds new locations, our software tools can accommodate that growth quickly and painlessly. Franchisees are all connected, while the brand has access to reporting and handles centralized booking. The connectivity and convenience relieve a lot of administrative burden from their individual location owners.

Want to learn about how franchise management software can help you offer a better level of service to your franchisees and customers? Book a free, private demo of Vonigo.