9 Happy Franchise Management Software Customers of Vonigo

Many different types of businesses use our franchise management software, most of them in some kind of mobile home services category. Each of them has a different reason for why they choose Vonigo to manage their franchises.

In their own words, 11 customers share why they choose Vonigo as their technology platform.

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1. Location-Specific Options for Each Franchise

“We estimate that Vonigo’s online booking engine (OBE) has saved us nearly 90% of job booking costs, versus if we had to handle those same job bookings via our Customer Care team.”

“Vonigo is able to centralize parameters around how our organization runs, looks and feels. Then it also allows us to customize and create unique instances at a store/franchise level, which is incredibly unique and powerful. This allows us to customize operational features like zones, services offered, time allocations etc. to maximize efficiency and profits for each franchise.”

—Velofix Co-Founder Boris Martin

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2. Reliability and Accuracy

“We needed a CRM that did not crash, that had accurate reporting, and an online scheduler. We came from a company that had a proprietary and challenging code structure with innumerable issues and glitches. Reports did not function and there was no online scheduler functionality.”

“It is so refreshing for all of us to be using a platform that actually functions when the buttons are clicked. We are enjoying a 20% online booking ratio to phone call bookings.”

Byron Schramm, Owner, Midtown Chimney Sweeps

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3. Availability and Pricing by Zip Code

“Vonigo has helped us with staying organized. We handle all incoming calls for multiple territories. The software makes it fast for us to book jobs to the trucks, in the right territory, based on zip codes. The system has streamlined the company, the call-answering process, and the way we handle pricing by area. The address mapping built into it has also reduced errors in service address input. It is great that we can quickly and efficiently get jobs booked into the schedule and dispatched right to the iPads on the trucks.”

Adam Butler, Managing Member of Jiffy Junk


4. 24hr Online Booking

“The mere fact that my customer can book at night when they’re at home. It’s so convenient that our customers can book in the exact hour that they want to.”

Vonigo has done such a fabulous job of building out a product. It’s truly amazing what they can do for a business. It’s a great program. Every step of the way, it’s helped our business. It’s helped me clarify our business. Their support staff has grown tremendously and does an amazing job.”

—CEO Jeff Lazar, We Cleanout Everything

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5. A Clear Picture of Profitability

“As we’ve grown, and as our services have grown, I needed something in place to actually control all of our work at every stage. I looked online at service platforms out there and Vonigo made it into my top three. The customizability put it over the edge, and I was happy to work with it.”

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“On the Jobs tab, there’s a Costs link at the bottom. It creates a report and I can see all the expenses and know my profit and loss. I can know whether I’m reaching my margins. If I’m monitoring a salesperson, I can see their profit margin at a glance.”

—Business Development Manager Linkon Price, The Cleaning Company

6. Scheduling and Reporting Functionality

“One of our biggest problems was scheduling our team. Vonigo does a great job in solving that challenge. Vonigo has helped us to become more organized and is giving us reports that help measure outcomes and get control of our business. It has certainly helped us scale up to three times the number of installers without scheduling hassles.”

It is easy to track a whole bunch of metrics with Vonigo which we run month-end reports on. This includes AR (accounts receivable) balances, cash flow for the month, number and volume of quotes by department, the success rate on quotes, revenue per division, # of quotes for each general contractor we work with, and what our success rate is.”

—Clearbrook Glass President Brent Friesen

7. A Deep Understanding of the Home Services Industry

“We are a service business (a Vonigo niche) that was beginning to offer franchises (a Vonigo specialty), so using Vonigo is a natural fit to streamline the business. More specifically, since we supply a call center for our franchisees, we needed software that could handle every aspect of our industry.”

Tim Smeltz, President of NextGen Great Sealcoating


8. Huge ROI and Fast Activations for New Franchise Owners

“Vonigo is a very affordable tool that helps us win customers, provide exceptional service and get paid quicker. The biggest key to this service is that its affordability means new franchisees and operators can have a minimal barrier to entry in operating their business from the ground up. Relative to yearly revenue, the ROI can easily be well over 1000%.”

Greg Bajan, CTO of Crawlspace Medic

“Vonigo is a great tool for home services small and large,” says Still. “Its ability to scale into a franchise model is a big reason we chose it. Also, its versatility of offering multiple service lines (junk and dumpster for us). The customization of reporting really allows you to see a lot of different analytics. The biggest time savings is from having more accurate data and reporting compared to not having CRM at all before. I would say a 50% increase in time saved. With clearer data and an understanding of our business, it gives us the ability to be more decisive.”

Jake Still, Co-founder of Junk Rescue

9. Centralized Information-sharing Between Locations

“Having Vonigo as a software program to use has really made a difference. It’s almost like it’s a living program — constantly updated. I hit one button, and everybody else has the same information.”

“I really can’t imagine not having Vonigo to use for our bookings. It keeps me organized and ensures that everyone accessing the system has the same information. The best part is that it eliminates the use for paper and filing cabinets!”

Joe Norman, Residential Donations Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver

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