How Cleaning Business Software Helps The Cleaning Company Become More Profitable

Need your network of grocery stores, warehouses or offices across Ontario cleaned on a regular basis? Perhaps not many of us do. But if we did, we’d probably be calling The Cleaning Company.

For over 32 years, The Cleaning Company has been doing commercial business cleaning in Canada. With two locations in Ontario, they also operate a network of partners that help them serve large, multi-location clients across the province. A single, company-wide scheduling software program helps them do it.

Seeing their costs and profit margins at a glance in their cleaning business software helps The Cleaning Company continue to grow. Read on to learn how.

Systems in Place for Growth

For much of the company’s history, a small number of clients with a large number of locations were the bread-and-butter of the business. When their client list grew, they needed a more robust scheduling system. “We didn’t have a good system before,” says Business Development Manager Linkon Price.”There was nothing really automated.”

“As we’ve grown, and as our services have grown, I needed something in place to actually control all of our work at every stage. I looked online at service platforms out there and Vonigo made it into my top three. The customizability put it over the edge, and I was happy to work with it.”

Linkon Price

Cleaning Business Software Features that Make a Difference

When evaluating field service software tools, one feature of Vonigo stood out for Price. “I wanted the verbiage on the quote that customers signed off on to flow through the entire process so that my technician and the customer would see what I or my salespeople had promised them,” says Price.

“By having a system where the verbiage connects all the way through, everyone knows what we signed off on. I can have accountability with my technician and accountability with my client.”

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Managing Profitability and Growth

Now that Vonigo’s cleaning business software has become an integral part of their business, it’s a different feature that Price gets the most value out of. “On the Jobs tab, there’s a Costs link at the bottom,” describes Price. “It creates a report and I can see all the expenses and know my profit and loss. I can know whether I’m reaching my margins. If I’m monitoring a salesperson, I can see their profit margin at a glance.”

Knowing the costs and margins on every job and keeping a running total helps them ensure that every job profitable within their desired margins, even when they are working with partner contractors.

A Return on Their Investment

The peace of mind of the end-to-end system and the ability to keep a close eye on the company’s bottom line helps them grow without hiring new team members. “I would probably have to hire an assistant to help me,” Price posits. He estimates it would take an entry-level admin employee up to 20 hours a week to manage the kind of reporting and peace of mind he enjoys with the software. From that perspective alone, he estimates that he is getting a double return on his investment in the tool.

But the advantages are many, and not just limited to administration. “The quote process starts us off with a very professional look,” says Price. “It tells our customer that we are not a fly-by-night operation. Presentation is important and Vonigo helps us to look professional.”

Ease of Use and Repeat Business

“Any company needs to invest in a CRM (customer relationship management) system,” says Price. “I’m a seasonal business. Right now everyone is asking for pressure washing. I can copy a quote from last year and fire it off to them — and boom — it’s a job. It brings us to the next level, it’s very professional. Once a customer is in the system, it’s repeat business. It makes (sales) that much easier.”

Cleaning Business Software with Online Quoting and Booking

Want to learn more about Vonigo’s cleaning business software and how it can help you grow your cleaning company? Book a free, private demo of Vonigo.