3 Successful Cleaning Business Stories and How They Did It

Whether you’re starting a cleaning business, or looking expand the one you’re already running, drawing inspiration from successful cleaning business stories can be a big help.

We’ve prepared three mini case studies featuring our clients, each of whom has their own unique business models and challenges.

1. Better Life Maids

Better Life Maids is a green house cleaning service, dedicated to finding green solutions to the problems created by traditional house cleaning. “We focus on providing an exceptional service that makes our clients say ‘Wow! I have never had a cleaning service like this,’” says President Matthew Ricketts. They were always strong with job scheduling and dispatch, but integrating their sales and marketing initiatives was still an issue for the St. Louis, MO-based company.

They made the switch to cleaning business software, and quickly realized growth in their sales.

“We are increasing our sales month over month,” says Ricketts. “Vonigo and the ease of the sales process was a big part of that increase in sales. Now we have a scripted sales process that the software walks our sales reps through on each new call. It allows you to create zones, territories and is built from the ground up to manage a franchise call center like the one we are building.”

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2. ServiceMaster

ServiceMaster by Reid is a carpet cleaning franchise location in Mississippi. Owner Scott Reid had been in business since 1989 and noticed some key changes in the market in recent years. “We could see that the market was changing and we had to change with it by offering online booking,” Reid says. “Service companies have to put their best face forward online – and make it easy for customers to book what they need instantly, scheduling their own service calls without a bunch of back and forth over the phone or email. It’s just quicker and easier for the customer — which helps us boost bookings, and as it turns out, per-job revenue too.”

When they made the switch to carpet cleaning software with online booking, they didn’t merely save time and money. They saw a huge boost to revenue as well. They landed more customer bookings and higher billings per job with online booking – 65% higher in fact. “When customers go online, they can see all options at once and easily select the services they want,” says Reid. “We used to have to list off all of our different services over the phone, which took too long, so customers would opt for fewer services. It’s a lot more efficient with customers booking online. It’s like the customers are creating the invoice for you. The service technician can just show up and focus on the job at hand while the customer really does all of the heavy-lifting of administration.”

3. HomeUpkeep

HomeUpkeep is a home maintenance company in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They help customers take care of their homes all year round. You select the services you would like from a service menu, and they put together a customized HomeUpkeep Program for your home and your lifestyle.

Although much of their work is in regularly scheduled maintenance, they also respond to new and existing customers’ service requests. They wanted a way to be able to accurately schedule and manage both aspects of the business. They also wanted to make it easy for their teams in the field to adopt.

“We wanted to make our guys in the field autonomous,” says Founder and CEO Adam Ford. “Whether they are working on home maintenance or a special service request, they can input their hours and keep track of their receipts and job expenses. Efficiency, professionalism and autonomy have all been greatly improved.”

Creating More Successful Cleaning Business Stories Every Day

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