A Flood of Online Bookings. How ServiceMaster Used Vonigo to Clean Up

Businesses have to adapt to their customers’ changing needs. One such company is ServiceMaster By Reid, a Mississippi firm which implemented Vonigo back in February of 2013 – and ever since, the benefits just keep pouring in.

Owner Scott Reid started his company back in 1989 as a straightforward residential carpet and upholstery cleaning firm, which also offered restorations services. That was before the Internet was a major factor in marketing or customer service. When they did launch a website, it effectively served as an electronic billboard, with a simple page-by-page listing of services and contact information. The business built up by referrals and a stable of happy clients who thought of ServiceMaster as their go-to service company.

Fast-forward to today, where e-commerce is king and the crowded marketplace is more competitive than ever. “We could see that the market was changing and we had to change with it by offering online booking,” Reid says. “Service companies have to put their best face forward online – and make it easy for customers to book what they need instantly, scheduling their own service calls without a bunch of back and forth over the phone or email. It’s just quicker and easier for the customer — which helps us boost bookings and as it turns out per job revenue too. Vonigo helped us do what we needed to do.”

That ease of use is especially important for customers who may be facing a real emergency. ServiceMaster By Reid offers 24/7 service for homeowners and businesses whose property has been damaged by fire or flood (or both – when a firefighter pumps hundreds of gallons per minute into your living room, it’s going to do more than wet the floor).

Customers need rapid response to salvage as much of their property as possible – and that makes rapid online access to service options, easy estimating and user-friendly location-based booking absolutely critical.

The result? More customer bookings – and higher billings per job with online booking – 65% higher in fact! ServiceMaster By Reid is getting a flood of new business! Get the whole story in our latest case study.


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