HomeUpkeep Sets Sights on 100% Growth, Using Work Order Software

  • February 24, 2018
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HomeUpkeep is a home maintenance company in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Using work order software, they’ve been able to give their techs in the field more autonomy and make their business more efficient.

HomeUpkeep helps you take care of your home all year round. They set you up so that all of your routine maintenance is taken care of, and make themselves available to you 24/7 for any emergencies or upgrades. When you become a HomeUpkeep member, you select the services you would like from a service menu, and they put together a customized HomeUpkeep Program for your home and your lifestyle.

A Comprehensive Home Care Service

Whether you select weekly lawn maintenance, seasonal window cleaning, or an annual furnace tune-up, your HomeUpkeep Program will take care of the regular maintenance inside and out.

As a HomeUpkeep member, you have access to friendly and skilled service technicians for jobs around the house. They are available to you 24/7 for those emergency situations.

“When you join HomeUpkeep, you no longer have to put off those ‘honey do’ items, or worry about who to call in the middle of the night should your basement flood,” says Adam Ford, Founder and CEO of HomeUpkeep.

How Work Order Software Helps Them Operate

We use Vonigo for most of our key business functions,” says Ford. “We wanted to make our guys in the field autonomous. Whether they are working on home maintenance or a special service request, they can input their hours and keep track of their receipts and job expenses. Efficiency, professionalism and autonomy have all  been greatly improved.”

That efficiency has allowed them to grow their business and customer base. Yet, they have not needed to expand the size of their admin team. “It’s the efficiency that we are most thrilled with,” says Ford. “We use Vonigo as our one-stop resource for all of our jobs.”

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A Work Order Software Use Case

HomeUpkeep’s business has two major functions, and each benefits from using work order software.

1. Regular Scheduled Home Maintenance

Clients sign an annual contract for seasonal home care. E.g. lawn care, annual furnace tune-up, dryer vent cleaning, etc. “We use Vonigo to keep track of these contracts: start date, end date, renewal date, and to create monthly invoices,” says Ford. “Vonigo also allows us to do an annual calendar so we can schedule our guys and trades well ahead of jobs needing to be done. No work slips through the cracks. If we didn’t have Vonigo contract renewals and billing would be very difficult to keep track of.”

2. Service Requests

HomeUpkeep calls these the ‘Honey-do’ jobs around the home. The small things like when the towel rail fell off the wall, to bigger things like when the basement is flooding. “We use Vonigo to schedule these ad-hoc jobs, keep track of staff time for our hourly billing, and track job expenses, as well as for invoicing and payments received,” says Ford. “Vonigo keeps our service technicians on task and shows them how their time is billed, what clients pay and keeps it all at a high level of integrity and efficiency. Having tablets and Vonigo accounts on the job site has also had the intangible effect of making our team leads step more into their leadership role.”

The Proof is in the Stats

“Reporting has also been a game changer for us,” says Ford. “We know the margin on each and every job, big and small, and this has affected job costing in a very positive way. Here at the office, we are logged into Vonigo daily and our accountant is able to log in remotely and give us accurate monthly data.”

A Reputation for Excellence, a Future of Growth

“We are putting a plan in place to double our HomeUpkeep members this year,” says Ford. “We couldn’t do it without Vonigo and the extraordinary support that they provide.” Staying efficient and offering top-notch service has helped HomeUpkeep keep their members over the long term. Their list of satisfied, repeat customers continues to grow. “We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it, and for the price our clients are expecting to pay.”

Are you in the Calgary area, and need regular home maintenance program or renovation? Book a call with HomeUpkeep.

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