Website Design Tips for Cleaning and Moving Companies

This article about web design for cleaning and moving companies is by Veronica Raducan from Extend Studio.

For cleaning and moving companies and the like, the quality and performance of a website can make a big difference in the success of the business.

There are certain rules, best practices, and even shortcuts you can follow to make sure your website has an attractive and effective design. Read on for a list of design tips, examples, and more.

Design Best Practices for Service Companies

When designing a cleaning or moving company website, the main factor to consider is the time you can save your customer.

Don’t Make Clients Wait

Give them contact information that’s within sight — right when they land on the website (e.g. in a top bar, in a section that’s indented into the header). Provide complete contact information, with details including phone number(s), email address, and service areas.

You can optimize even more: you include an online booking form they can fill in for a price quote or for scheduling services at a certain date and time. It can take the form of a real-time calendar, which shows dates when you’re busy with other jobs, and dates when they can rely immediately on your services. Thus, solving their problems becomes predictable and reassures them you want to earn their business.

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Offer Helpful Information

To make customers’ lives easier, it’s good practice to create a section or sections in your website with tips to smooth out the process of doing business with you. It might be packing tips, decluttering, and cleaning preparation tips.

Adding plenty of information to your site will be good for SEO (search engine optimization) as well as for helping customers decide to do business with you. Pages for things like your company history or any offers or guarantees can also be effective in converting new customers.

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Credibility and Social Proof

A services company like a mover or a cleaner needs credibility. In fact, it’s one essential point site owners should consider in their website design.

Before customers allow you into their homes, you have to demonstrate your credibility. Information about your insurance, chamber of commerce memberships, or other business accreditations will be very helpful. Display them proudly.

Of course, the best way to establish your credibility is with the use of customer reviews. Any positive reviews or testimonials you receive on sites such as Google or Yelp should be included in your website design. People trust the opinions of other people, so the more positive reviews you can display, the more you’ll be trusted.

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Colours, Design Elements and Themes

Your color choices should reflect the brand message you want to portray. Here is more about color psychology for service businesses.

When it comes to the actual design of your website, you can pay to have something designed for you, or your web developer can choose an existing website theme and make it your own by adding your photos and web copy.

One example of a platform that makes it easy to install design themes is WordPress. WordPress powers about 33% of all websites (including this one). It’s free, it’s constantly updated, and it’s open source and reliable. If you’re looking for a safe and popular choice, WordPress is a good platform to consider.

Here’s a complete guide about how to create your own website.

Once you’ve installed WordPress or the content management system of your choosing, you can add a theme. There are plenty of themes out there: free, premium, and freemium (basic services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for).

Here’s what to consider in your website theme research and selection process:

  • The layout (the arrangement of elements in a page, such as sections, menu, sidebar, etc.). It should be selected according to how you want to present on the website.
  • Color schemes (combinations of colors that establish a tone of voice and instill certain emotions). The theme options for colors should have the flexibility to change to the colors of your brand.
  • Your theme should be mobile responsive, as many visitors will access your site from their smartphone or tablet.

Example of a WordPress Theme for Service Businesses

Mesmerize is an example of a WordPress theme that can be modified for use by a moving or cleaning company. Here is a demo showing you how you can customize the theme for a service business:

Example of a Great Cleaning Company Website is a great example of making use of all of the elements we’ve mentioned above. Their contact information is immediately visible on both web and mobile, as are several buttons encouraging you to request an estimate. Read more about MenInKilts.

Optimize Images for Use on Your Website

For your website to be a success, you have to optimize it and thus give it better visibility in search engines results pages. If you plan to include images on the website, consider compressing them (with tools such as,

The smaller the image files, the faster they’ll load. The faster your website loads, the more likely it is to win in a search query. But don’t compromise quality. Your images should be at 72 dpi or higher to be optimized for high-resolution screens.

Pro tip: Pay attention to mobile responsiveness. It ensures optimal display of your website pages on mobile devices (which is good for both users and search engines). Always check that your website looks good on both desktop and mobile screens.

Fonts and Typography

Choose text fonts and colors that are legible. On screens, sans serif fonts are preferred over serif fonts.

Make sure there’s an optimal contrast between the text and the background. For a dark background, use light text colors; for a white background, use dark text colors.


For a website to get noticed and remembered, it should use visuals (even videos) that speak a thousand words. Visuals that convey your professionalism and demonstrate your services are highly relevant and will help show the customer that your company is the right choice.

Recognizing the time constraints and needs of the customer, and showing them what they need to know before making a booking, will help you win new business in the highly competitive markets of cleaning and moving.

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