We Cleanout Everything Enjoys Explosive Growth with Online Booking

Starting in 2006 as 877-WE-BUY-SCRAP, We Cleanout Everything has undergone a name change and expanded into several different service categories, serving Southern Michigan. They offer online booking and convenience to commercial and residential customers.

The First Big Account


Jeff Lazar

It began as a way to keep its founder busy while looking for a job and is now poised to become a multi-location operation with seven-digit annual revenue figures.


“I sold a franchise back in 2006 and was looking for something new in a tight job market when I started playing around with scrap metal,” says CEO Jeff Lazar. “I landed a customer that has 100+ stores and I inevitably opened up a scrap business and started growing it from there.”

In the 13 years since that fateful decision, the business has grown tremendously. “It’s been very explosive,” says Lazar. “A lot of people need the service of scrap recycler. Most recycling facilities want scrap metal brought to them. We will go directly to our customers. We send our trucks directly to them so they don’t have to go to a scrap yard.”

Tipping the Scales

“Right now we are at a game-changing moment,” says Lazar. “Our growth has been exponential. We are at a point where we have to keep growing or slow things down. Our goal, of course, is to grow.”

Part of that growth has come from new service offerings. “We don’t just offer scrap removal,” says Lazar. “We offer junk removal clean-out, we have dumpster service and we have a demolition service. They, of course, all book through Vonigo.”

How Online Booking and Field Service Software Make a Difference

Lazar is enthusiastic with his praise of Vonigo’s field service software and online booking. His favorite part? “The mere fact that my customer can book at night when they’re at home,” he says. “It’s so convenient that our customers can book in the exact hour that they want to.”

waste management software

“Vonigo has done such a fabulous job of building out a product. It’s truly amazing what they can do for a business. It’s a great program. Every step of the way, it’s helped our business. It’s helped me clarify our business. Their support staff has grown tremendously and does an amazing job.”

“You Gotta Look Large to Play Large”

Lazar was one of the earliest customers to use Vonigo. “I always say you gotta look large to play large. Ultimately, Vonigo has helped us to do that. It doesn’t cost a lot and what you get for it is tremendous.”

Online Booking Key to Fuelling Growth

“Every year we see a 17-20% increase in our revenue from online booking,” says Lazar. “It’s like a game for me to wake up and check to see if anyone booked overnight. If they have, I get a reminder email.”

A Bright Future

We’re in the process of working on our vivid vision for this year,” says Lazar. Looking out into the longer term: “Our vivid vision for 2022 is to be in multiple locations, getting ready to explode.”

In Southern Michigan and need demolition, junk removal, clean-out, or dumpster services? Try We Cleanout Everything’s online booking for yourself.

Cleaning and Junk Removal Software

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