How Weebble Offers an Excellent Customer Experience with Junk Removal Software

  • November 22, 2019
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Weebble is a junk removal company in Houston, TX. Learn about how they were founded and how they use junk removal software to be as versatile as… an octopus — and give their sales a 46% boost.

Three Friends and Some Trucks

The first thing that stands out about Weebble is their name. The story behind the name can be told from the very beginning. It’s a story of three Co-founders: Francisco, Xavier, and Chrystian.

Francisco Pernalete was working at a junk hauling company where he met his then-boss Xavier Caldera. Francisco had the idea of starting a company of their own and called upon his childhood friend Chrystian Duarte to help launch it. 

“I proposed to Chrystian an idea for not only a junk removal company, but also an on-demand service app,” says Francisco. “He liked the idea and he came to Houston so we could pitch it to Xavier.” 

The Perfect Name

Then, as it happens, one night while they working on ideas, it came to them: Weebble, a better way to say “we are able.” Next, they agreed on an octopus as their mascot. “Because it takes more than one hand to move junk” jokes Xavier. 

It’s more than that, says Chrystian. “The octopus is clever, confident, multitasking, versatile, and efficient.”

Embracing the Traits of the Octopus

The three founders made good on their original goal of a junk removal company with a full-service app. One look at their website and you can see how they are a clever, versatile, and efficient as the cephalopod they try to emulate. 

They have had challenges, but they have overcome them. When they were first getting their start, they were waiting for their first “bigger” job to come along. When it did, they almost didn’t see it coming. “He had only called us for a budget,” says Francisco of the customer. “When we arrived, it turned out that it was for the cleaning of 55 storage units.”

They assured the customer that they’d get the job done, and they got down to work. “Our biggest victory was not even completing that job, but to realize that there are more important things to focus on, like clients rather than competitors,” says Francisco.

waste management software

How Junk Removal Software Keeps Their Customers Happy

“We were looking for a unified system to increase sales, as well as improve operations and customer follow up,” says Chrystian. “We wanted to have it all in one place — scheduling, work order management, estimating, routing, GPS, invoicing, payments, and reporting.”

A 46% Increase in Sales with Online Booking

They chose Vonigo’s junk removal software and now offer a completely digital experience that their customers appreciate. The efficiencies they gain are measurable, says Xavier, but that’s not all. “Sales have increased by over 46% since we started using Vonigo. We now have an automated online booking system that works for us while we are sleeping. The gains compare favorably to the cost. The entire Vonigo team are our unsung heroes. They are part of the essence of our day-to-day in the field, and greatly facilitate our operations as a company. Communication with them is always effective and they are always open to our system proposals.” 

“Sales have increased by over 46% since we started using Vonigo.”
— Xavier Caldera, Co-founder of Weebble

They may be big fans of our software, but their customers love Weebble’s customer service, branding, convenience, and responsiveness.

Junk Removal Software For Your Business

Want to learn more about how junk removal software can make you clever, versatile, and help you grow? You can use it to run a local fleet or an entire franchise. Book a free, private demo of Vonigo and we will show you how.