How Junk Chuckers’ Customer Service Excels with Junk Removal Software

In an industry that has seen a massive amount of growth, Junk Chuckers has found a way to stand out. Here’s how they use junk removal software to offer a level of customer service that keeps clients coming back for more. 

They’re only in their first year of operations, but Co-founder Al Noufaro says they are off to a roaring start. In fact, in their first week, they landed two large commercial partnerships. “We attribute this to Junk Chuckers having a stellar online presence blended with our rigorous customer experience standards,” says Noufaro. The snazzy trucks don’t hurt much either. 

A Focus on Customer Service

When asked why they are so successful so soon, Noufaro places the emphasis on his team. “Jesse, our King of Operations has helped structure a winning team that is built for scale,” says Noufaro. “Our customers love speaking with our friendly Customer Service team, and my Co-founder Shamairah is creating partnerships where none were visible.” 

For every job, Junk Chuckers send two strong, uniformed team members to haul away your unwanted items. They safely dispose of, recycle or donate them and sweep up before they leave. And they offer a price-match guarantee at all of their locations. 

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Built for Scale Using Junk Removal Software

The Junk Chuckers team started by thinking big. Though they have been operating for just over a year, they are already in a number of markets in Ontario, Canada and expanding into more. 

Centralized online booking helps make it easy to organize bookings at all locations, and to rapidly expand into new markets. “We wanted to provide a conversion-focused online booking portal and streamline both inbound and digital bookings for growth and scale,” says Noufaro. 

Having more of their bookings come through the online booking engine frees up their office team to pursue new business. “Vonigo is so simple yet powerful that there is little to no involvement from myself and I can dedicate my time towards building partner relationships,” says Noufaro. “When interviewing potential franchisees they’ve all commented on how robust and easy-to-use Vonigo looks.”

Customer Relationships and Communication are Key

Having all of the info in a single software suite means they enjoy detailed record-keeping and collect valuable business intelligence. “Every call, every lead, every opportunity is followed up and stored,” says Noufaro of their junk removal software CRM (customer relationship management). 

In Ontario, where Junk Chuckers operates, snow is a reality. In a recent snowstorm, many of their competitors’ trucks were stuck, leaving customers without service. Several calls came in from customers venting about how they weren’t even contacted about cancellations. Noufaro says he was happy to be able to provide those customers with same-day service, as well as sending appointment reminders to confirm bookings and arrival times. “Our guys got there on time and helped provide some peace of mind.” 

The mobile app makes same-day bookings easier to manage and helps make Junk Chuckers more responsive. “In general any bookings that would come in during the day were difficult to schedule with our truck teams because they would always be driving or completing jobs,” says Noufaro of the time before they were using junk removal software. “But with the app, the guys can now see what’s been added without needing to call anyone. It streamlines the whole process, so much so that we win a lot of business from other competitors because they just don’t have the process down.”

Plans for Expansion

“In 2020, we aim to establish a predictable revenue model per region, to begin offering franchise opportunities,” says Noufaro. “We are expanding into eight more regions this year.” They’re also embracing an environmentally friendly model, with a goal of recycling more than 80% of the items they collect. 

Are you in one of Junk Chuckers’ Ontario cities and needing some junk chucked? Check out Junk Chuckers’ website and online booking engine.

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