2 Junk Removal Business Software Case Studies

  • November 20, 2017
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Junk removal business software is what takes you from the “guy with a truck” league to the big leagues. Here are two junk removal companies who have used junk removal software to help them level up in their markets.

From College Dropouts to Entrepreneurs of the Year

The founders of 505-Junk were one credit shy of graduating college when they dropped out to start the company. Just two years later, they won “Entrepreneurs of the Year” from their local Chamber of Commerce in Richmond, BC, Canada.

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The Challenge

The founders had big plans for the company’s future. They wanted to be able to grow their business with a scalable software solution. And they wanted it to have online booking.

The Solution

505-JUNK chose Vonigo’s junk removal business software and immediately saw the benefit of online booking, and tracking the success of the company.

The Results

“We are more organized and our system is much more scalable now that we are using Vonigo,” says Co-Founder Barry Hartman. “Let’s just say that Vonigo is capable of running so many great reports that we can measure the return on our investment on many different levels.”

With their systems in place and the momentum from winning local awards, they have their eyes set on massive growth. “We intend to expand 505-Junk across Canada over the next 3-5 years,” says Barry.

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Heroes of the Junk Removal Industry

Grunts Move Junk Founder Mitchel Durfee returned to Vermont from his tour of duty in Afghanistan to find a tough job market. He and some of his fellow veterans were unable to find work, so he created his own company. Their mission is to offer employment to armed forces veterans.

Junk Removal Business Software

The Challenge

His idea was a great one. The company started as “three guys and a truck” but soon expanded to become an entire fleet, with a second location in another State. They needed a junk removal business software solution that could expand with their company, one that adapts to the needs of a junk removal business.

The Solution

Grunts now use Vonigo’s junk removal business software to manage booking, work orders and invoicing.

The Results

“Since using Vonigo our field guys have had an easier time going over work orders with customers and have a faster time invoicing,” says Mitchel. “Our office staff has been faster at booking jobs and can book more jobs per day.”

Now in operation over three years, they too are looking at rapid expansion country-wide: “Our goals for the future are to open a Grunts Move Junk location in every state.”

Junk Removal Business Software You Can Use

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