Actionable Tips for Growing Your Junk Removal Business (Part 1)

This post is the first in a two-part series about growing your junk removal business using customized junk removal software. Click here to read part two.

Book more junk removal jobs with online booking

Having real-time online booking as part of your moving software can have a huge impact on your business.

You and your team can focus more energy on serving customers, and avoid playing telephone tag. And you tap into a new type of customer — one that wants the convenience of booking their move online, without picking up the phone.

Fill Your Schedule, and Never Double-Book

For junk removal businesses, unbooked days are a perishable inventory that cannot be resold. You can efficiently manage this inventory in your junk removal software by allowing customers to see when your crews are available. They can book appointments online without ever having to place a call.

Once a junk removal appointment is booked on your calendar, a member of your team can still follow up with the customer to get more job details or special instructions.

A well-integrated scheduling system has additional benefits for your junk removal business, such as the ability to help you manage route planning for moves, as well as crew scheduling based on the workload.

To find out how Vonigo’s real-time online scheduling tools can help your junk removal business deliver greater customer service, with less cost and less hassle, sign up for a demo today.

Actionable ways to improve your junk removal marketing

Junk removal is a competitive business, and good junk removal company marketing can make all the difference. There is a lot of competition in the industry, but a lotof junk removal companies provide less than stellar service. It’s a big responsibility move someone’s possessions across town or across the country. Which leads to a question:
Are you marketing your junk removal company based on just removing stuff or are you helping people achieve a dream?
One cornerstone of marketing is creating a strong value proposition that describes what how you help your customer not what you do.

3 Junk Removal Company Marketing Tips

A few guys with a cube van and a dolly can say they are movers. Since all junk removal companies (other than bin rentals) have the same basic offering (we take away your junk!), if you’re going to step up your junk removal company marketing game you need to tell customers what you do differently.

Here are 3 tips to amp up your junk removal company marketing.

1. Make Junk Removal Easier

Since we can all agree that junk removal is a pain, start with that and tell customers how you help make “disappearing their junk” easier.

Detail all the ways you help make removals easier for the customer. Clean up afterward? Recycling the recyclables? If “we make junk removal easy” becomes your company mantra, that’s a great start.

2. You Must Have Testimonials. Period.

Junk removal is based a lot on trust. Customers want to be able to trust that you’ll take their junk, and nothing else.

So ensure you have testimonials on your website, Yelp, Google, and any other review site people use in your area. People who are looking for junk removal want to see if other people gave you the thumbs up.

Believe it or not, 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends. Ask customers if they would be comfortable giving you a review when the job is done. Take the best reviews and ask if they can be on your website as well.

Positive reviews go a long way to helping people choose a junk removal business.

Pro tip: Don’t ask for a review the day of the haul. Wait a couple of days or a week. Even better, ask for the review in a thank-you note you send afterward.

3. Go The Extra Mile

This tip ties into the first tip, you make junk removal easier, but what else? White glove service? Do you bring coffee? Do you have someone drive ahead to shovel the driveway in the winter? Ask customers what would be awesome, then do it and market your junk removal company with it.

Make these little touches the cornerstone of your junk removal company marketing. Going the extra mile pulls you ahead of the pack and helps get the quote and the business.

waste management software junk removal

The Balance Between Value, Trust, and Painless Service

Remember when you’re marketing your junk removal company, people are balancing three things: value, trust, and how easy you make it for them.

When you’re doing junk removal company marketing, tell customers how you balance these three things and the high-value choice for getting ride of their low-value… junk.

Want to know how junk removal business software can help to organize and grow your business? Book a free, private demo of Vonigo.

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