Grunts Move Junk: Heroes of the Junk Removal Industry

  • December 16, 2016
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When Mitchel Durfee came back to Vermont from his tour of duty in Afghanistan in the summer of 2013, he had a hard time finding good employment.

It wasn’t just him. He noticed several of his Veteran friends also had a difficult time finding jobs, so he started doing research for businesses he could start. It was a pile of junk in someone’s yard (and a gap in the market) that inspired him to choose junk removal. In January, 2014 he started Grunts Move Junk; a Veteran-owned and operated labor company who specialize in junk removal and moving services. A key part of the company’s mission is employing military veterans and lowering the veteran unemployment rate.


Incredible Growth in First Two Years

His idea worked, and Grunts Move Junk quickly crested over a million dollars in sales annually.

“We started out with three guys and one truck,” says Mitchel. “We now have a fleet of trucks and trailers and we have opened a second location in Worcester, MA, owned by a Marine Veteran.

They’ve also expanded their services, to include moving and snowplowing, the latter being a seasonal business with plenty of demand in the winters of Vermont and Massachusetts.

A Culture of Pride

The key to their success is company culture; it’s in everything that they do. “Our employees are heroes,” says Mitchel. “Not only have they sacrificed their lives for the military, but they hold the same honor on their job with Grunts that they did in the military.” It’s not out of the ordinary to see their crews stopping to help a stranded driver on the side of the road, or being first to come and help fight literal fires (this actually happened). “Our team will help pull cars out of ditches when they go off the road during the rough Vermont winters. You can see them picking up American flags that have blown away on the side of the ride and returning them to their rightful place. Our team will always go out of their way to help the people of our community.”


Their pride in their work and involvement in their communities has been rewarded with repeat and loyal business. “Our customers love our work ethic and how we treat every customer with respect, honor and integrity; the same values we hold in the Military. We have helped with our local food shelf and food drives, we host bi-monthly blood drives with the Red Cross, we work with local Military bases and help raise money for them.”

We Support the Grunts

Grunts Move Junk have a company ethic and success arc that is very easy to be proud of. Vonigo is happy to be GMJ’s work order software provider, and see them putting our tools to good use. “Since using Vonigo our field guys have had an easier time going over work orders with customers and have a faster time invoicing,” says Mitchel. “Our office staff has been faster at booking jobs and can book more jobs per day.”

After their incredibly successful first three years in business, Mitchel has set lofty goals for the future of the company. “Our goals for the future are to open a Grunts Move Junk location in every state.”

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