Dispatch Software Makes Customers Happier and Business More Efficient

  • November 23, 2017
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Automate the Simple Stuff So You Can Work on the Important Stuff

For a service company getting people to become customers is your bread and butter. It doesn’t matter what service you offer, you need to get someone to the job, to get it done. One of the biggest hassles is the dispatch process. From booking customers to reminders to updates to rebooking, there are a lot of moving parts. Dispatch software not only helps you work more efficiently but also creates happy customers in the process. Here are five simple scenarios where dispatch software wins the customer relationship game.

1. I Have Five Minutes, Help Me Get This Done

Your customer needs to check an item off their list. Get gutters cleaned, install a ceiling fan, get the house cleaned, doesn’t matter what the job is, it’s on the list and your customer wants it off.

They found you online and your company looks great. Now it’s time to book the appointment. Oh, I have to call you? On the phone? Look, I want to book this thing and be done. I don’t want to talk to someone.

Dispatch software lets your customers book an appointment online without needing to talk to someone. This saves your team time and the customer can get back to their day. Did you know that fewer and fewer people want to use the phone to communicate with businesses? Online forms, email, SMS, even carrier pigeons rank higher than using the phone. Give customers the easy way to find a time, book it, and be done.

2. Is This Day Good for You? How About This Day?

We’ve all had this happen. You need to book an appointment. The person on the other end of the phone starts reading out dates and times. Some work, some might work, others are out completely. You go back and forth with how about Tuesday at 2? Wednesday at 4:30? Friday?

Wouldn’t be easier to just see the times that are available and pick the best one? No going back and forth. No hemming and hawing on the phone. Look, decide, pick, done.

Letting customers pick a time themselves online frees up your staff and is easier for everyone. Your customers are done faster and your team isn’t on the phone with wishy-washy customers trying to decide what time works best.

Headache avoided.

3. Oh, Sorry I Forgot You Were Coming

When a customer forgets an appointment everyone loses. You’ve lost time and your technician is frustrated. If you have to bill for the service call, you don’t have a happy customer—no one likes to pay for something they didn’t get. Even if you were clear booking that if you cancel or miss the time, there will be a charge, your customer isn’t going to like it.

Dispatch software saves everyone the headache by just reminding people you’re coming.

dispatch software

4. Something Came Up, Let Me Rebook It

Things happen and sometimes people need to cancel appointments at the last minute. Dispatch software lets your customer rebook the time and send technicians the last-minute change so they don’t show up at your customer’s door and hear “But I just canceled and rebooked for tomorrow.”

5. Is the Person Running Late? Thank You for Letting Me Know!

If there is one thing true about this world it’s to expect the unexpected. Sometimes a job runs long. There could be traffic between one job and another. Whatever the reason, your technician in the field is delayed or maybe has to rebook. Dispatch software alerts the customer electronically or triggers a person in the office to call your customer with an update. No one likes feeling stuck waiting for someone to arrive. Just a little heads up to the customer is always appreciated. And if the job has to be rebooked because of the delay, your dispatch software will handle that too.

Dispatch Software is about Efficiency and Better Communication.

Dispatch software is about helping you work more efficiently and communicate better with your team and customers. Efficient booking saves customers time and headaches for your team. Better communication avoids missed appointments, errors, and confusion at the job site.

And what you get are customers who think you work like magic and employees who know they only need to worry about doing a great job because the rest is all taken care of.

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