3 Ways Window Cleaning Software Will Give Your Business Clarity

  • November 26, 2017
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Yes, the pun in the headline is intended. Just like regular cleaning will keep a window clean and clear, window cleaning software will help your business run more efficiently and profitably.

Here are three ways that window cleaning software can clear (we can’t help ourselves) the way for growth in your business.

1. Window Cleaning Software Helps You Book More Jobs

Most window cleaning gigs are not one-offs. Those windows will get dirty again, so chances are you’ll be back. Most clients want to book with a company they can trust. Quality of work and reliability are paramount. And much of the time, they’d rather book online than have to call to discuss your availability.

Window cleaning software with online booking will set your business apart by projecting a professional image. It will also give the customer the convenience of choosing a time that works for them. Those two factors alone could help you win more business.

Increasingly, the public (especially those who might be in charge of booking window cleaners) are becoming more technologically savvy. They have come to expect the convenience of online booking. If you don’t have it and a competitor does, you might lose the booking. If you don’t have it now and you make the choice to offer it in the future, you could see a large increase in the number of jobs you book.

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2. Scheduling Made Easier

With all those additional jobs, it might be a relief to know that scheduling is taken care of for you. The customer books online based on your availability and the job appears on your schedule automatically. All your team has to do is show up for the job at the appropriate time, “clock in,” and get to work.

3. Paperless Invoicing and Recurring Billing

When the job is done, your crew can accept payment on site, or send an invoice by email to the customer when they clock out of the job. Both of these are a lot more convenient for the customer and your business, but the end goal is recurring billing.

Landing the kind of customers that want you to return on a regular basis is the holy grail of window washing. Setting each of these up on a recurring billing system means that you won’t have to invoice or collect anymore. At regular intervals, the software enacts a charge on their card and you receive the payment. The amount of administration (and sales!) time saved goes directly toward increasing your profitability.

Try it for Yourself

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