3 Ways Online Booking Will Help Your Service Business

Phantom Screens of Southern Alberta recently started using Vonigo, and saw an increase of 450% in revenue via online booking on their website, as well as significant administration savings. Tim Tischer, their General Manager, is the guest author of this post, explaining how Vonigo has transformed their business:

By Tim Tisher, GM Phantom Screen of Southern Alberta

At Phantom Screens, we supply and install retractable insect screens for doors, windows, and patios. Over the past 25 years we have enjoyed making a difference in our customers’ homes and enhancing their living space.

Summers are short in Calgary so we must be extremely efficient during our concentrated selling season. This past summer, through using Vonigo, was the first time we didn’t have any overtime for our administration staff. Our online bookings and resulting revenue have grown significantly.

Overall, I would say Vonigo has helped us achieve the following things:

1. Paperless Environment with Online Booking

Hours are saved from no longer having to prepare each day for each installer and more importantly not having to invoice and receive payments for each job manually.

By transferring to a paperless online booking, scheduling and invoicing environment, it has also saved us hours each week in other administration duties that we are now able to do without the need for physical copies.

As a result of going paperless using Vonigo, we’ve been able to further streamline our operations, resulting in total administration savings of about 9%, or $7200.

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2. Increase in Efficiency

In addition to the savings from switching to a paperless operation with online booking, we have also experienced other increases in efficiencies. Having customers book online themselves reduces the workload of our call center and frees up time to spend on other administrative duties. Information only ever needs to be recorded once and transfers seamlessly from start to finish.

As a result, we are able to focus our time on other sales initiatives which will lead to increased revenue.

Furthermore, less time is spent on the phones as the quality of leads generated from online is also significantly higher, as it weeds out “tire kickers” and generally only those wishing to purchase will take the next step of action: booking an appointment.

Our estimated annual increase in revenue of website bookings is 450%.

(a screenshot of the Phantom Screens website, with online booking form)

3. Enhanced Customer Experience and Increased Professionalism

Gone are the days of spelling mistakes and clerical pricing errors. All information is presented and stored electronically. Everything presented and sent to the client is neat and tidy and happens in real time. As a result of mobile access, we were able to switch to card readers. This allows us to get verification of payment directly on site and settle invoices before leaving the client’s home.

It also prevents us from having to take cardholder data away. This removes any negative feeling or distrust associated with giving away this information. The customer experience is also enhanced via the ability to book an appointment online without the need to phone and book an appointment. As a result of the switch to Vonigo, it has really set us apart from our competition. It has increased the network and capacity for us to receive leads and customer bookings.

Online booking essentially extends our ability to book appointments 24/7, since our call center is only open during the week. It has really allowed to give our business a modern feel and bring us into the way business is being conducted in the 21st century.

Want to learn how you can use online booking and better work order management to transform your business? Book a demo with us, and we will show how Vonigo can work with your business’ specific needs.