Feature Enhancement: Better Integration Between Your Invoices and QuickBooks

The main goal of Vonigo is to make the managing of your mobile service business easier, and that applies to every operational aspect, including getting paid.

To that end, we have integrated with QuickBooks, the world’s leading accounting solution, so you can track your transactions, expenses, taxes and more using the very popular accounting software in tandem. Here are a few ways that integrating with QuickBooks will make your life easier (and paperless).

Synchronize Your Sales Receipts, Invoices, Payments and Quotes

It’s almost a matter of “set it and forget it” with our QuickBooks tie-in; once you’ve integrated the two, your sales records, invoices, and even your quotes will be synced with QuickBooks.

Your synchronization settings can even be customized: Synchronization can be managed on-demand or as a scheduled action for the Desktop version, and syncing is automatic for QuickBooks Online.

Transactions are managed in a queue system, so you have full control over what gets sent to QuickBooks and when. You can mark transactions for synchronization either in a centralized export area, or “on the fly” as you create transactions.

Payments And Invoices Together in Harmony

When you take payments from customers, those payments and their corresponding invoices are linked automatically, meaning you don’t have to spend valuable time hunting for an invoice just to record a payment.

Naturally, those invoice-payment linkages carry over to QuickBooks.

Anything that saves you a step saves you time, so take advantage of these features to free up more admin time for the stuff that drives revenue and profit.

New Features for QuickBooks Desktop, Updates Coming for Online

Invoice fields, PO Number and Due Date, have both recently been added to the integration for Desktop. We’re making significant improvements to the Online integration as well, and will ship those changes in our next release very soon.

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