New Field Service Software Feature: Clock-in/Clock-out

Through our deep and unending research, while building field service software, we have discovered that time is indeed actually money.

When out on the road, your crews are mobile profit centers. You want your technicians to be spending the bulk of their time on the jobs you’ve booked for them.

But knowing exactly how long those jobs take has been a bit of a guessing game at best, until now.

How much time did your crew take on that job? With our new “clock-in/clock-out” feature, you will have an accurate record in your field service software of exactly how much time your techs spent on each booking.

How Clock-in/Clock-out Works With Your Field Service Software

field service software Your crews can clock themselves in or out of a job from their mobile phones, updating your records automatically.

Here are three key reasons why that’s helpful:

1. Get Better Insights into Job Costs

Separating travel time from “on the job” time is a useful metric when it comes to managing your schedules and routes. It also helps with evaluating the performance and speed of your crews.

Have a crew that outperforms the rest? Use the Route Optimization feature to open their schedule so you can give them more jobs per day.

field service management

2. Get the Details You Need for Time Cards

Details like travel time, lunch breaks, starting the work day from home. There are many variables in a technician’s schedule, but by putting the power in their hands to clock their time from their phone, you and your team have full visibility into your crew’s daily schedule.

3. Track Employees or Crews Separately

Have multiple trucks on a single job or more than one crew member per truck? Clock-in/clock-out gives you a record of each employee or each team so that your records are as detailed as possible.

Now it’s up to you to use that knowledge to help you manage future bookings even more efficiently, for maximum profit potential.

Have a feature that you’d like to see incorporated into the Vonigo platform, or want to find out how we can help your field service business? Get in touch with us, or schedule a demo of our field service software and we’ll show you how Vonigo can help your specific business needs.