Mobile Commerce: Do You Need a Moving Company App? [Infographic]

Mobile commerce, or shopping with a mobile phone, continues to grow in popularity. So should you invest in a moving company app? The infographic below will help you understand the prevalence of the trend and inform your decision to “go mobile” with your moving company.

From where we sit, the stats in the graphic support our core beliefs that moving and mobile storage companies should embrace the mobile commerce mindset. Before we take a look at the graphic, we thought it would be prudent to share a few notes about why this matters and how a moving company can stay on the cutting edge of this trend.

Do You Need a Moving Company App?

In a word, no. At least, not one that you expect your customers to download and use in order to do business with you. Still, the compelling stats in the infographic below should not be ignored.

What you should have — need, really — is a website that is responsive to browsers on mobile phones. Aside from that, features like online quoting or online booking on your website can be game-changers as well. Offering potential customers the conveniences of mobile commerce can set you apart from your competition, without the need for a moving company app.

The Moving Company App You Do Need

While your business does not need a consumer-facing app, that does not mean that your business cannot benefit from mobile technology. Moving software can help you organize your entire business and help you keep your entire fleet connected.

Your truck teams can update your office team from the road and your moving software can reflect those updates. Your job calendar can be visible to your entire company, including things like driving directions and any special instructions for the job. Billing can happen via email and payments can be taken on-site. And you can send appointment reminders and other automated messages to customers via email or text message.

Staying Current with the Mobile Commerce Trend

If you want to remain cutting edge and make sure your business is optimized for mobile commerce, here are several steps to take:

  • Optimize your website for use on mobile devices
  • Invest in moving software that offers features like online booking
  • Equip your truck teams with access to your calendar and bookings via your moving software mobile app
  • Utilize features like automated text messaging or email to confirm truck arrival times
  • Accept payments, either on-site or online, when the moving job is done

Would you like to learn even more about mobile commerce and its prevalence in shopping overall? The infographic below will show you just how popular shopping via phones has become. It might get you thinking about how to position your moving company in response to this trend.

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