SEO for Movers: 8 Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors [Infographic]

  • February 27, 2020
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This article and infographic about SEO for movers is by Alistair Dodds of Ever Increasing Circles.

Alistair Dodds

If you’re in the moving business, then you know that being found by local prospective customers is key to growing your business. Whether that be through word of mouth, advertising, local directory listings, social media ads, flyers and more, it’s essential people know that your business exists and that you can solve their moving problems.

One of the key locations you want to appear is on Google local pack results. When people are searching Google for an answer, they’re actively looking for a local moving solution.

These Portland, Oregon movers have optimized their listings for the local three-pack.

What is a Google Local Pack Result? Why Does it Matter for SEO for Movers?

It’s the top section of a Google results page when people look for local services like movers. It shows a map and the location of three local businesses that most closely match the user’s search request. For moving companies, this is prime real estate. The difference between that kind of exposure and being outside of this three-pack is considerable.

How do you obtain a place in those top three-pack results? By optimizing your website and your local marketing strategy in eight key areas. And in the infographic below, we’re going to show you the order of priority and what you need to do to get your moving company motoring up the Google results!

The infographic is by Ever Increasing Circles, an expert SEO consultancy agency based in London. It is based on the Local Search Ranking Factors biannual survey of respected digital marketers. Participating marketers give their opinion on the degree to which each thematic ranking factor cluster has bearing on local pack results. Over the years the results have proven to be an incredibly accurate analysis of Google’s secret local search algorithm. 

First, assess the degree to which you have fully implemented each element on your website and around the web. If you are a moving company, you want to tap into this important source of local customer leads.

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