The Importance of Local Partnerships for Moving Company Marketing

  • November 18, 2019
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When marketing your moving company to potential customers, there are many different ways you can do it.

Sure, the advent of digital marketing has changed service advertising in the past two decades more than in the previous 100 years. Indeed, there hasn’t been a bigger paradigm shift since the introduction of television commercials. But when thinking about your moving company marketing, the importance of old-school, analog partnerships must not be underestimated, even today.

For example, these still represent an important aspect of moving company marketing. And we’re here to explain how!

Partnership Marketing Basics

Want your company to dabble in partnership marketing? You need to know one thing right away: it can’t really be just dabbling. Indeed, if you’re going to have a concerted advertising effort with other local companies, you’ll need to focus on this part of your marketing campaign.

So, what is partnership marketing in the first place? Generally, it’s a joint collaboration between a couple of businesses that are looking to craft a marketing campaign that can benefit everyone involved. 

Especially for small businesses, this can be incredibly useful in terms of reaching your business goals. For example, if you as a moving company want people to know that they’re moving with reliable professionals in Burlington, there’s nothing that says trustworthiness like a local partnership with another business. 


Looking at local partnerships as a gateway to easier moving company marketing? It’s important to know that there is one crucial advantage. Namely, it’s quite cost-effective compared to other marketing strategies.

Without having to increase your expenses in marketing, you can basically double your reach by partnering with another local business. 

A triangle of quality, time and cost drawn on a blackboard.
Local partnerships can be an incredibly cost-effective marketing method!

The key here is making logical partnerships. Just like a tanning salon partnering with a nearby hairdresser, moving companies could partner with local real estate agencies.

After all, think about it — when do people actually move? When they buy or rent a new house. That makes a joint marketing campaign with real estate companies quite logical.

That way, both the real estate agents and your moving company will benefit, by pooling together talent and marketing budgets. 

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Long-Term Relationships

While moving company marketing doesn’t have to rely on local partnerships, if you manage to strike a positive discourse with other local companies, you’ll be able to reap some long-term benefits.

For example, opportunities for other campaigns may appear down the line, as well as occasional free advertising from both parties. When local brands collaborate and maintain communication, this turns into relationships that benefit everyone, from the companies themselves to the end-users. 

Things to Watch For

While moving company marketing stands to gain quite a lot from local partnerships, we’d be remiss not mentioning some of the potential pitfalls. Like most things in both life and business, this kind of move isn’t devoid of drawbacks. 

For example, there are potential disagreements that may arise between the two companies while they plan a marketing strategy. Your partner company may decide to involve itself in an initiative or campaign that you’re not likely to support. Plus, there could be creative disagreements on the joint advertising itself, especially if both companies have in-house marketing departments. However, avoiding these types of disputes isn’t impossible. You simply need to be careful about who your company will be going into a local partnership with.

Once negotiations begin, you need to make sure the terms of the campaign have a clear roadmap from day one. That way, there will be no misunderstandings, and local partnerships will remain a viable growth strategy

A Free-Form Moving Company Marketing Partnership

When it comes to local partnerships for moving company marketing, there are certain companies that make a profit-sharing agreement with their partner firms. Profit-sharing schemes can lead to disagreements. Both companies would probably benefit much more from a simple free-form marketing partnership.

By using each other’s customer bases to expand your reach, neither partner has to sacrifice any of their own profits.

Besides, the profits that the companies would gain from each other would be less valuable than the mutual goodwill generated by a pure brand marketing partnership. 

Finding The Right Partner

So, how do you pick the best company for a local partnership in moving company marketing?

First of all, you should take care not to form a relationship with a direct competitor, for obvious reasons.

Try to find a business that complements yours, someone with a similar customer base and audience — someone your message will resonate stronger with. 

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The right business partner can help you reach a much wider audience!

Also, and perhaps even most importantly — you want to make a partnership with a local company that’s savvy when it comes to marketing.

That way, not only do you actually have something to gain from working with their marketing team, but you also won’t be handling the marketing effort on your own.

Find a company that knows how to craft a clever and cost-effective campaign. A company who’s marketing you want to emulate. Someone who will improve your efficiency, rather than hinder it. 

Nathan Wells is a freelance author, most often writing about marketing strategies for moving companies like Number 1 Movers Ontario, as well as real estate agencies.

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