5 Mobile Service Businesses With Great Online Booking Engines

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: online booking opens up a whole new market for mobile service businesses and boosts revenues.

We compiled a list of five service businesses from different industries who are using Vonigo with online booking engines with amazing results.

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1. Velofix

Velofix is a mobile bike repair franchise that is taking the world by storm. They have sold over 120 franchises in just over 5 years. They were selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as the second-fastest growing mobile service franchise in North America.

In addition to bike repair, they now offer bike building services, bike fitting, bike rentals, ski services, and skate sharpening. They use central booking for all 120 franchises. Visit their online booking page and you’ll see their simple four-step process:

1) Start by giving them your zip code and selecting the type of service
2) Select the date and time of the service (based on their availability)
3) Add your details
4) Confirm your order

The key brand promise of Velofix is convenient, high-quality service. They start every transaction by offering exactly that, in the form of self-booking via their website.

2. Modern PURAIR

Modern PURAIR is Western Canada’s largest air quality company. They specialize in furnace and air duct cleaning, air quality testing, dryer vent cleaning and more.

Like Velofix, Modern is using a centralized online booking engine for all of their franchise locations. Co-Founder Lane Martin likes the convenience that it gives Modern PURAIR’s customers. “This self-serve model just works. Customers see their options and can book a time that’s convenient for them – so they’re more likely just to schedule it directly than if they had to call in.”

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Having one central booking page that dispatches jobs to the appropriate franchisee is a system that Martin says works well for them. “We’re operating with existing franchise partners in a much more effective way, cutting administrative costs and boosting productivity. The system scales seamlessly!”

3. We Cleanout Everything

Serving Southern Michigan, We Cleanout Everything is a service that offers junk removal, the buying of scrap metal, clean-out services, and bin rental. WCE’s CEO Jeff Lazar says online booking has made a huge impact on his business. “The mere fact that my customer can book at night when they’re at home,” he says. “It’s so convenient that our customers can book in the exact hour that they want to.”

“A lot of people need the service of scrap recycler. Most recycling facilities want scrap metal brought to them. We will go directly to our customers. We send our trucks directly to them so they don’t have to go to a scrap yard,” says Lazar, who was one of the first customers to use Vonigo software for this business.

“Vonigo has done such a fabulous job of building out a product. It’s truly amazing what they can do for a business. It’s a great program. Every step of the way, it’s helped our business. It’s helped me clarify our business. Their support staff has grown tremendously and does an amazing job.”

4. ASAP Tire

ASAP Tire started in California to help businesses and individuals that want a convenient way to change their vehicle’s tires or wheels. Founder James Chen came up with the idea when he was flying home from a trip and thinking about the lost time of bringing his vehicle into a tire shop. “I thought how nice it would be if the tire shop could just come to me,” says Chen, a 30-year veteran of the auto industry. “Today we are happy to offer ASAP Mobile Tire Service, a mobile tire shop that comes to you.”

ASAP Tire built out their own booking process, using Vonigo’s online booking engine as the core technology. A series of simple prompts walk the customer through the process, and then a service vehicle arrives to complete the job. Need to buy new tires? Add them to your order and ASAP Tire will bring them and do the install right on your property. It’s a service that is especially popular with fleets, for whom downtime is equal to lost revenue.

They also recycle your old tires and use tools that won’t scratch your wheels’ finish.

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5. First Due Movers

First Due Movers is a firefighter-owned moving company in Washington State that brings the work ethic and values of firefighters to the moving industry.

Using online booking has helped them cut down their scheduling costs by 50%, which co-founder and active firefighter Jeff Drozdowski says has given the business a massive boost.

“We began using Vonigo to streamline and organize nearly every process of our business,” says Drozdowski. “Scheduling, quoting, internal and external communication — we’ve eliminated paperwork,” he adds. “In our scheduling alone, we have become 50% more efficient. That kind of savings makes us more profitable.”

Want to Learn More About Online Booking for Service Businesses?

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