3 Ways the Right Work Order Software Makes Your Life Easier

If you’re not already using work order software, you may already be behind the times.

“Software is eating the world.” Legendary investor and Netscape founder Marc Andreessen’s words were immortalized in The Wall Street Journal, way back in August 2011.

“More and more major businesses and industries are being run on software and delivered as online services—from movies to agriculture to national defence,” said Andreessen. Even if your service line is low-tech, there’s a chance that technology plays a role in your service delivery.

Moving on from paper to spreadsheets and online calendars might seem like a good fix. But a fragmented approach to business software could cost you time, making you less efficient.

Using purpose-built work order software will help streamline your efforts and increase sales.

Management Made Easier

An excellent landscaper needs to be a multi-skilled problem solver with a detailed knowledge of plants, grounds management, irrigation techniques and much, much more. To operate a service business at scale, managing an entire fleet of crews, requires business operational skills. The right software can help with that.

Scheduling crews, tracking inventory, and planning routes to the job site can be done in less time with software tools. Online billing and payment processing is another way for service businesses to increase efficiency and improve customer service.

For each activity, there is usually a specific tool. And it’s rare for all the tools you need to manage various business processes to work together. The accounting software you use to manage business cash flow and payroll doesn’t talk with your work order scheduling tools. Online payments is separate from route-planning. A whole new set of processes is needed to manage the quirks of each tool. What a headache!

Work Order Software Improves Your Life in These 3 Ways

A single, unified suite brings the many processes needed to run your business together in one place. Unifying your technology solutions can help your mobile service business save time and money in the following ways:

1. Avoid Task-Switching

If your business runs on multiple channels and tools (spreadsheets, calendars, tracking apps, project management) completing even the simplest of tasks means constantly switching between programs. Worse, it usually means loads of redundant or duplicated effort.

Counterintuitively, multi-tasking makes us less efficient. As we attempt to accomplish more with tools that promise to make use faster, but are fragmented and tedious.

But what if you could have the features of multiple software solutions within a single, standard interface? You and your employees can avoid task-switching when the tools they need to complete their work are all in one place. The biggest benefit of unifying your business technology, is the ability to keep your teams on the same page physically and mentally.

2. Access Your Business Info From Anywhere

More and more of today’s business technology has moved to “the cloud,” which means that services are delivered over the Internet.

Cloud-based technologies allow anyone in your business to securely access job-related tools from their laptop or mobile device. Cloud technologies will give you mobility and functionality, without having to boot up programs loaded onto a computer at the office.

3. Save Time and Money

Simply put, the more software tools your company uses, the more money you will spend. There’s the upfront cost of purchasing software licenses, but there’s a cost in time as well. The more software tools your business uses, the longer it will take to train new employees to get up to speed.

Eventually, the tools you use will need to be updated. Updates mean more time in training, in addition to time needed to load up new programs on your computers.

A unified, cloud-based solution enables you to train employees once on the features and functionality of a new system.

Additionally, cloud-based tools never need to be updated on your computers, because they’re accessed through the Internet. This saves time and money.

The Solution

Vonigo’s powerful suite of cloud-based tools is designed to help mobile service businesses. Increase efficiency and manage key business functions, from a single web-based interface.

Crews in the field can access Vonigo while on-site with clients through a tablet or smartphone. Vonigo is a web-based tool, so they never have to worry about making manual updates — everything happens in the browser.

To find out how Vonigo can help your mobile service business unify its technology and improve efficiency, schedule a demo with us today.