Work Order Software: Why Your Service Business is Ready

To help grow your service company to the next level, work order software could be the single best investment you can make.

At a certain point, you know when you’re ready to “level up.” Your bottom line, team, and customers will love you for it.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely your business is ready to make a move.

The Cost and Headache of Managing Work Orders is Rising

No more using pen and paper, whiteboards, an outdated homegrown solution, or disconnected software systems. It’s time to consider a different way.

A way that is designed to manage work orders for businesses like yours.

The cost of managing work orders inefficiently is real. Even if it doesn’t show up as a line item expense on your company profit and loss statement each month. If you’re growing, these costs are also rising.

In fact, the cost of using inefficient systems to manage work orders can have opportunity costs as well.

In calculating the cost of your current work order management methods, consider not only the time your team spends, but also what opportunities are lost.

More importantly, consider how inefficient work order management impacts customer service and even team morale. There can be hidden costs and headaches lurking in unforeseen places.

Profits Would Increase with Better Work Order Management

If you are wasting time managing work orders inefficiently, you could re-direct that time toward revenue generating activities. That kind of change could have a huge effect on your bottom line.

“Movegreen has grown over 38% in our 9th year of operation, and we owe a lot of that to our use of technology as it assists us with streamlining our process,” says Movegreen CEO Erik S. Haney. “Movegreen is now able to offer modern technology, and offer our customers a fully integrated and paperless experience, from start to finish.”

Regardless of cost savings, improved customer service, and the time freed up to pursue profitable activities, what would an efficient work order software system do to alleviate your team’s headaches and improve morale?

There is a better way for your business, your team, and customers.

work order software

You’re Busier than Ever, and You Need a Better System

Imagine it: all of your day’s jobs on a schedule, with all trucks and people accounted for and the most efficient routes automatically plotted or easily selected.

This clarity gives you a better idea of how to best schedule your booked jobs. With cloud-based work order software, everyone on your team will be connected in the office and out in the field.

One team works faster than other? Use route capacity optimization to give them more jobs than the teams who might be understaffed or don’t complete jobs as quickly.

The more time your crews are spending on billable work and the less time traveling, waiting for the next job, wondering how to get there, or doing paperwork, the more time they save and ultimately the more profit your business earns.

Your clients are also better served, and your team is happier as they efficiently roll through their day.

work order software with GPS saves fuel costs and time

“Our field guys have had an easier time going over work orders with customers and have a faster time invoicing,” says Grunts Move Junk CEO Mitchel Durfee. “Our office staff has been faster at booking jobs and can book more jobs per day.”

You Know Your Travel Times Could be More Efficient

Everything from the amount of time an engine spends idling, to driver speeds and the selection of routes can be tracked and monitored with GPS info.

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses of service companies. When your entire schedule is visible in your work order software, complete with GPS tracking, you can better plot jobs based on travel times and geographic zones. You’ll save tons of time and fuel in the process.

Your Customers Want Online Booking (Even if You Don’t Know it)

Simply put, you might be leaving cash on the table if you don’t offer real-time online booking. These days, some customers simply prefer not to book over the phone. Since the technology to handle a booking exists, they will simply choose the service provider who offers it.

You may have the best team in the world answering your phones, and an easy-to-remember phone numbers painted in large type on every one of your vans (and we’re not saying that those aren’t good things to have).

Still, if you don’t offer a real-time estimate appointment or job booking option, some of your potential customers might click away and choose your competition.

The majority of your clients book flights, hotels, car rentals and more in real-time, and they expect the same convenience from your business.

You’re Manually Processing Website Inquiries

You receive email inquiries, and maybe prospects are completing a static form on your website. But there is an even larger group of prospects who bounce off your website because online booking is not available.

Open your doors online for your clients, allow them to book in real-time how and when they want. Also, having your online booking engine connected to your work order software streamlines the entire process and eliminates the cost of double entry.

Your business will never be the same again while administrative work is permanently reduced and a whole new revenue stream opens up through your website.

Even seasoned service companies are surprised by what online booking is doing for their revenues. The new influx of cash simply wasn’t available to them before they incorporated an online booking engine.

Those online bookings could be for estimate appointments or jobs. They are easily dispatched through the work order software your team is using in the field whether they’re sales reps or service technicians. The whole process is seamless,efficient, and profitable.

You are also increasing the level of service you offer, and boosting your customer satisfaction.

It’s the kind of professionalism and frictionless service that gets customers to return time and again.

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The Time for Work Order Software is Now

When you add them together, the benefits of work order software far outweigh their cost. Maybe it’s time to help pave the way for your company and its profits to grow.

Want to learn more about how work order software can help your specific business? Book a free demo today, and we will be happy to answer your questions.