Moving Company Advertising Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

  • December 15, 2017
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People Move All the Time, Here are Some Ways to Help Find Them

Smart people use movers. Smart people shop around for moving companies. But everyone needs help finding a mover when they need one. This is where advertising comes in. Here are a few moving company advertising tips that you might not have thought of.

Targeted Facebook Ads

moving contractDid you know you can target Facebook ads specific cities? To specific interests? To what pages people follow? Oh yes. Here’s an example of how to use Facebook ads for a moving company.

First, you focus only on the areas you serve. Say the main city and a few close by. Then start targeting by interest. Zoom in on people looking for homes, buying condos, and real estate. These people might be moving soon or know someone who is.

Connect the ads to your website or, better, a landing page that answers basic questions and has a form to request a quote.


Real Estate Websites and Real Estate Agents

If someone wants to buy a house, where do they start? Real estate websites. These sites earn money through ads put your ad right in front of people who are moving soon. And don’t forget about real estate agents! They always know who’s moving. Co-promoting with an agent or three gives you access to your target customers in the area you work.

Half of successful moving company advertising is being top-of-mind when someone is ready to move. The more times, and more places, someone sees your ad, the more likely they are to call you when the time comes to move.

Retargeting Ads

This is an advanced tip, but another going straight for your customer. Retargeting works by showing ads that are related to a website someone has visited or search they’ve made. You see them all the time; look for a new tool and you see ads for tools everywhere. Now apply it to advertising your moving company.

Your potential customers visit sites:

  • Looking for a new home
  • Looking for a new job in a city far from them (yes, you can target like this!)
  • Having a new baby (a lot of people move just before or just after having a baby)

The list can go on and on. What you need to do is think about where you already get customers and what they do before they call you for a quote. Working with an online ad agency—you can do it yourself too—you establish the keywords and sites associated with moving then as your potential customers research ahead of a move, your ads will start popping up.

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Final Thoughts on Moving Company Advertising

The key to successful moving company advertising isn’t thinking like a mover, but thinking like a person who is moving. Beyond any discussion of keywords, Facebook, social media, retargeting put yourself in their shoes. What do people worry about? What questions do customers ask when they are getting a quote? Those questions are keys to what customers are looking for. Things like packing services, storage, insurance, supplying boxes, and recommendations are important to customers, even before cost comes into play.

Your moving company advertising should connect those questions to answers on your website. Customers ask the questions, you give good answers, and you win business.

Advertising your moving business isn’t hard when you put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

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