How to Create a Cleaning Service Invoice that Works

  • December 11, 2017
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There are two key ways you can set your cleaning business apart. With your cleaning service, and with your customer service. The way that you prepare and send a cleaning service invoice can have an impact on the latter. It can also have an impact on how quickly you receive payment.

Here are some tips on how to create and send a cleaning service invoice that will work for your company.

Cleaning Service Invoice Basics

Clarity and transparency are best here, so make sure your invoices have all the details.

  • Your business name, address and contact info
  • The name, address and contact info of your customer
  • List all of the job details, and itemize them
  • Include any taxes, surcharges or any other details as separate line items
  • Most importantly, you cleaning service invoice should include instructions for how to pay it, and have your payment terms listed as well

The fastest way to get paid is to accept payment on site. The best way to get paid is with automated billing — for recurring clients, you can store credit cards on file and bill them automatically. The next best way is to send a digital invoice with links to the payment gateways.

Invoicing Tools and Options

Rather than run the risk of making errors or negatively affecting your company’s image but fumbling with paperwork, it’s best to use a purpose-built invoicing system.

Tools like Quickbooks, FreshBooks, Wave and more will help to easily generate and track invoices and payments. You can also invoice directly from your cleaning business software.

A Completely Automated System

Managing your business using cleaning business software makes the process of invoicing even easier. When you invoicing is connected directly to your scheduling, you can generate an invoice instantly when the job is complete. If you prefer, you can even have these invoices synced and stored in Quickbooks as well.

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Better Life Maids uses cleaning business software to manage their entire process. Their systems and service are both professional and convenient to customers.

“From the very first call a client makes to us, to when they have their job completed, it’s all managed by one software suite,” says Better Life Maids Founder Matt Ricketts. “Scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payments — one place, providing a seamless experience to our clients.

Try it For Yourself

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