4 Pillars of Killer Carpet Cleaning Websites

Make Sure You Have Process, Prices, Promotions, and People Covered

It’s a given that you have a website. You’ve bought the domain. You built the site yourself or hired someone to do the job. Having a website is just the beginning. Carpet cleaning websites also need the information customers are looking for before they call you.

Successful carpet cleaning websites—or any service website—need four critical content pillars: process, prices, promotions, and people. Each of these pillars helps customers understand why you’re the best choice for them. The pillars cover the questions that customers have and give you a chance to shine. Let’s get started with the first pillar: Process


Everyone knows about cleaning carpets, right? Well yes and no. We know it takes time. We know that the carpets need to dry and you need to keep furniture off them. But what more is there?

A lot more. When I’ve had my carpets cleaned I’ve wanted to know:

  • How long will it take to clean all the carpets?
  • How long will it take for the carpets to dry (summer versus winter)?
  • What do you use to clean the carpets, do you use natural cleaners that are safe for kids and pets?
  • Do you remove stains?
  • Do you need a water hook up outside?

Simple things, you know off the top of your head. Your website needs to answer all these questions for customers to start thinking about using you. Most people don’t have their carpets cleaned often, so even if they knew the answers before, they might not remember now.

Your customers ask a lot more than just these, so keep building this section with the new questions. Now let’s get down to brass tacks: pricing.


With basic questions out of the way, you need to tell people about how you charge for cleaning carpets. Too many carpet cleaning websites are vague about how much the service costs, what’s included, and what’s extra. Be up front. If you charge by room, plus stairs, and include stain removal say so. If you say you remove normal stains for no extra charge, let people know what “normal” is. When you put your prices on your website you are taking a stand for why you’re the best value. Hubspot’s advice is aimed directly at consultants, but carpet cleaning websites benefit from saying “This is what it costs and this everything you get. Shop around and compare!”

Do you offer extras other companies don’t? Tell people! One of the first gates a service company has to get through is cost. Are you most expensive around? Then why are you worth the extra money? Better equipment? Safer cleaning products? More extras included?

Consumers are willing to pay more for better service and quality. If you’re the quality leader, this price and process are the two pillars where you tell people.

Price is how you usually do things, but what about the things you do to drive more business. Yes, I’m talking about promotions.


Everyone runs sales and specials from time to time. It’s a normal part of business. Including a special section for promotions on your website answers that question that everyone asks “Do you have specials right now?” Here are some great tips from the Social Media Examiner on how to run contests and promotions. Things like “win a carpet disaster cleaning kit” or Refer a friend, get a discount next time are easy ways to attract more customers.

You can put promotions on your pricing page, but keeping them separate lets you make a strong case why you’re worth the money even without a discount. This strategy might not work in all markets, but having well-timed and thought-out promotions works everywhere. Let’s wrap this post with the final pillar: people.

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There are two sides to this section of your carpet cleaning website. One is getting testimonials and reviews from customers about your service. The other is giving customers confidence in the people coming to their home.

Testimonials first. Encourage your customers to review you on Yelp and ask for feedback after the job is done. Some customers will send you unsolicited praise (you still need to ask before putting on your website), but often simply asking will yield great results. Online recommendations are just as powerful as ones from friends and family. Your Yelp and Google reviews are essential to building your business. Get a great review? Ask if you can post it on your website.

For your team members, customers want to feel safe and confident about letting them into their homes. How long have team members been there? Are they bonded and insured? What kind of training do you provide?

Customers want to know will you do a good job and that is based on what other people say and what you say about your own team.

How Carpet Cleaning Websites Are Always a Work in Progress

These four pillars are a good start for your carpet cleaning website, but creating this content and calling it a day isn’t enough. Great websites need updates. Update the process pillar with new questions and answers. Market research will tell you if your pricing needs adjusting. Promotions should never grow stale. And people, you should be adding new testimonials and information about your team all the time.

Great carpet cleaning websites don’t happen overnight. Great websites aren’t a one-off marketing tactic, they need attention to stay up to snuff. Read about how ServiceMaster by Reid gave their business a boost by harnessing the power of their website, and carpet cleaning business software.

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