New Work Order Software Feature: Recurring Billing

Vonigo includes many features to help run a mobile service company from end-to-end. Options that go well beyond what you’d expect from simple work order software.

Online booking gets a lot of attention, as does our work order software functionality, but many Vonigo clients love the features that make it easier for them to invoice and get paid. Our new recurring billing feature does just that.

Recurring billing automates your invoices with pre-defined amounts, so billing and payments are ongoing and automated. There are any number of examples that might require recurring billing. Maintenance agreements, recurring services, rental of equipment or storage space, subscriptions, memberships or even payment plans for larger ongoing contracts.

With our recurring billing module, you define the frequency of the billing, billable items, quantities, amount billed and the term. Payment methods, billing timing, notifications, and contract renewal rules can also are easy to manage.

Viewing and managing existing contracts

How to Use It in Your Work Order Software

To better explain how the feature works, we’ve highlighted some of the ways our clients use recurring billing which is one features that makes Vonigo so much more than just work order software and allows mobile service companies of all sizes to efficiently operate their entire business.

Who uses it? Moving & storage companies, equipment rental companies, cleaning companies, lawn care companies; any mobile service business delivering services or rentals with a recurring billing aspect.

Work order software with recurring billing

Service Maintenance Plans

If your customers would like different services performed at different times on a recurring basis, the recurring billing module offers quick setup of automated billing and payments for multiple scheduled recurring services that works in tandem with Vonigo’s work order software module. A weekly mow of the lawn during spring and summer, monthly tree pruning, and quarterly gutter cleaning for example. You can automatically bill for service and process credit cards in batches on the appropriate recurring schedule.


If you rent equipment, other items, or even storage space to your customers and bill them periodically (e.g. monthly), recurring billing streamlines the process. Rather than having to create work orders on the schedule (although that’s always an option) and manually invoice each month, recurring billing allows you to automatically generate a bill for a customer on a set frequency and batch process credit cards in one step.

Set it once, specify the details, and let it do its thing. Your time savings become automated too and will continue to accumulate.

work order software

Setting up a new payment schedule

Automated Billing for Services Rendered

What if you perform a large volume of services in any given month and want to bill your customers in an automated fashion for services in that period? There does not necessarily need to be a maintenance contract associated with those services— just an agreed-upon price. Again, the whole billing and payment process is streamlined and automated, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. If adding work orders to a schedule is also needed, Vonigo can handle that as well— it’s up to you.


In this example, say you want to offer your customers a subscription or membership, where they pay a recurring (e.g. monthly) fee for a set number of services in a defined period of time.

Recurring billing lets you send a bill for each term (e.g. annual or monthly fees). This results in significant time saved preparing subscription reminders, invoices, and processing payments.

Our goal is to make the management of your mobile service business easier. From the first time you connect with a client all the way through to managing client records (CRM), scheduling, work orders, billing of all types (either one-time or recurring), payments, reporting, and more. Recurring billing sets the most important part of your business on autopilot. For recurring services or rentals, you never miss sending an invoice or payment, and save time in the process.

If you’d like to learn more about how our business management and online booking platform for mobile service companies can help your business, book a free private demo and we’ll show you firsthand.