Vonigo Partners with EVO for Affordable Payment Processing – and a $200 Pledge

Vonigo has partnered with EVO Payments International, and that’s great news for Vonigo users. EVO is one of the leading global payment processors for merchants, independent sales organizations, financial institutions, integrated software vendors, and multinational corporations.

To introduce the partnership, EVO is offering Vonigo customers FREE monthly gateway service for a full year when they sign up for a secure EVO merchant account. To sweeten the deal, EVO is also waiving setup and deployment fees on all new accounts. “This is such a great benefit for our customers,” says Vonigo CTO Geoff Mair, who was instrumental in orchestrating the EVO partnership. “Having a secure and cost-effective payment processing strategy is key to their success.”

Competitive processing rates are just one of the many reasons Vonigo has selected EVO as its preferred payment processor. “It’s a partnership designed to save our members on all card processing,” says Vonigo CEO John Carter. “Our partnership with EVO delivers fast and reliable payment acceptance to our customers – and lower processing costs.”

“This is the kind of partnership that provides meaningful value and unmatched services for our mutual customers,” says EVO SVP Steve Callis. “We’re excited to be able to extend this invitation to Vonigo customers.”

Great Rates, Easy Sign-up.

Save on a customized EVO solution, built on the very latest payment technologies. Get processing in no time with our streamlined approval process and free setup – all backed by EVO’s exceptional customer service.

Already processing? If EVO can’t meet or beat your current processing rates, they will pay you $200.

EVO’s rates are so competitive it’s a good possibility you’re paying too much in processing fees. A FREE rate review can show you just how much. If EVO can’t meet or beat your current processing rates, you get $200. It’s that simple.

To take advantage of this no-obligation offer and to learn more about the many benefits of an EVO merchant account, please contact EVO at 1-866-428-8903 or complete this online form. Be sure to mention Vonigo for your free rate review and $200 price guarantee offer.