5 Service Business Management Software Success Stories

Service business management software can help your company step up its game.

Great service is all about more than the job that your technicians perform when they’re on site at a customer’s location.

It starts with a customer’s first interaction with your website, and continues with the way they navigate your booking process. It’s in the professionalism of your administration and the way your technicians handle themselves in the field. Service truly is an end-to-end endeavor.

We’ve highlighted five ways that service business management software can help you level up, using specific examples of success stories.

1. Carpet Cleaning Franchisee Sees 65% Boost in Per-Job Revenue with Online Booking

Mississippi ServiceMaster Franchisee Scott Reid was surprised by the revenue boost from online booking. “It’s a lot more efficient with customers booking online,” Reid says. “It’s like the customers are creating the invoice for you. The service technician can just show up and focus on the job at hand.”

The benefits of online booking are many. Not only does it make your record-keeping much more streamlined and concise, but it’s more convenient for customers. Watch Scott and others discuss the benefits of online booking:

As time goes on, more and more customers prefer to book services online. Tech savvy customers prefer to make bookings on their own time, and be able to schedule that service based on their availability.

This is great for your business. Jobs are booked without even requiring a member of your team. Putting the power into the customer’s hands saves time and opens your business up to a whole new market.

2. Screen Installation Company Reduces Admin Costs, Boosts Profits

Phantom Screens of Southern Alberta switched to using service business management software, and their results were massive. Revenues from their online presence grew by 450%. They also reduced the amount of overtime during their busy season, which made them more profitable.

“Gone are the days of spelling mistakes and clerical pricing errors, as all information is presented and stored electronically,” says General Manager Tim Tischer. “Everything presented and sent to the client is neat and tidy and happens in real time. As a result of mobile access, we were able to switch to card readers allowing us to get verification of payment directly on site and settle invoices before leaving the client’s home.”

With online booking, tasks like entering addresses are less prone to errors, as customers are less likely to get their address wrong when entering it themselves.

Service business management software can also confirm bookings via email, to make sure that the details are correct. “Autofill” helps even further by reducing the likelihood of keystroke errors in the process.

service business management software

3. Junk Removal Company Focuses on Professional Service, Wins Awards Almost Immediately

505-Junk Founders Barry Hartman and Scott Foran made service business management software part of their company’s focus on maintaining a professional image. It paid off. The duo were selected as local Entrepreneurs of the Year, due to the quality of their people and systems.

“We are more organized and our system is much more scalable now,” says Hartman. “Let’s just say we are capable of running so many great reports that we can measure the return on our investment on many different levels.”

With service business management software, you can plot your entire day on an easy-to-understand calendar, sort by crew, and make it available to everyone in your business.

service business management software

From your administration to your technicians in the field, everyone is apprised of the day’s schedule. As crews check in and out of jobs, the day’s progress is accurately tracked.

Make adjustments over time and optimize a team’s route based on their specialties, the travel time between jobs, and the speed at which they can complete them.

4. Moving Company Sees Rapid Expansion by Offering Paperless Customer Experience

“Movegreen has grown over 38% in our 9th year of operation, and we owe a lot of that to our use of technology as it assists us with streamlining our process,” says Founder and CEO Eric. S Haney. “Movegreen is now able to offer modern technology — a fully integrated and paperless experience, from start to finish.”

Say goodbye to paper-based work orders flapping in the breeze. Say hello to a mobile crew who can confirm, and check in and out jobs. All using a mobile device like an iPad or smartphone. Now, records are more accurate and timely, while the speed, efficiency and professionalism of your crews reflects positively on your company.

5. Hard Surface Restoration Company Stays “Light Years” Ahead with Service Business Management Software

Sir Grout is an international hard surface restoration company specializing in tiles. They reduced their administration costs by 20%, while distancing themselves from their less-savvy competition.

“The system is so easy to use, it’s like painting by numbers,” says Co-President Jeff Gill. “We adopted (the software) to gain a technological edge and we’re still light years ahead of our competitors.”

We are only scratching the surface of what service business management software can do for your company. Online booking can expose you to a new market of customers, which could boost your revenues and offset the cost of the new equipment and systems.

The data you collect from tracking jobs will inform how you make changes to your business in the future. Your profit margins come from your company’s ability ability to accurately price jobs and complete them on budget. The tracking service business management software provides helps you to understand and identify inefficiencies, and make constant improvements.

Want to see how service business management software can help your business and its specific needs? Book a free, private demo and we will show you.