5 Benefits of Gutter Software for Cleaning and Installation Businesses

  • December 14, 2019
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Whether you install or clean gutters, your specialized business can benefit from gutter software that is configured to suit your unique needs.

Yes, it is possible to have a suite of software tools that are configured to the specific needs of your gutter installation or cleaning business. Your business can take advantage of features like online booking, scheduling, work orders, customer communications, invoicing and payments.  

Here are five ways your business can benefit from gutter software. 

Diamond Clean offers gutter services using Vonigo’s gutter software

1. Book More Jobs in Less Time 

When you add automation to your booking process, you can save a lot of administration time. Offering your customers the option of online booking will be more convenient for them, as they can book a time that works for them based on your availability. 

It’s also a lot more convenient for you. Jobs can be booked into your available schedule openings, even while you sleep. Some customers prefer that level of convenience and offering them that option can be a differentiator in landing the booking. 

In fact, customers who wish to book online have become the norm. If you haven’t already offered online booking, you could be missing a large part of your market that wants a more transparent and convenient gutter company to do business with. 

2. Reduce Missed Bookings with Customer Notifications

No-shows for bookings can be a costly ordeal. Following up with every customer can be time-consuming. Your gutter software can automatically confirm appointments by email and text message, increasing the likelihood that your customer is ready for your arrival and massively reducing no-shows. 

It’s another convenience that you share with your customers that benefits both sides. It’s all in the name of providing a better level of service. 

GutterGuardsDirect.com has made the switch to gutter software.

3. Keep Accurate Records with Custom Work Orders and Mobile Access

Using gutter software can reduce the number of administration errors you make. For example, a simple feature like address autofill can prevent mistakes in entering the address of the booking. 

Using consistent parameters on your work orders keeps a level of consistency and comprehensiveness in your record-keeping as well. Maintaining customer records and their previous booking history with you can be extremely useful, especially for ongoing or seasonal work like gutter cleaning. 

Your admin team and your teams in the field have access to your schedule and work orders, either on their computers or their mobile devices. If a customer requests a change or one of your teams in the field makes an edit or update to the work order, the entire team will be in the loop. 

4. Get Paid Faster with Email Invoices and Online Payments

Your calendar of bookings is available on all devices by your entire team. Your field teams have the ability to update your work orders as they go. One major benefit of this is the ability to send a digital invoice when your teams mark the job as complete. 

By sending an invoice by email as soon as your team updates the work order, you increase the speed in which you can be paid. Allowing online payments makes it even faster, and accepting payments on-site is the single fastest way to receive payment. For example, Men In Kilts, a franchise that offers gutter cleaning services, uses Vonigo software with branded digital invoices

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This will make things more convenient for your company and its customers. Crucially, it also shifts the cash flow equation in your favor. The sooner you receive payment, the better your cash flow. You might already be out-of-pocket for parts and other materials. Receiving payments in a timely fashion can be a difference-maker. 

5. Collect Business Intelligence and Identify Growth Opportunities

There is another key benefit of managing your business using gutter software. In fact, it may be the most important of all of the above. By having all of your job details in one suite of software tools, you have an accurate record of how things work.

With this accurate record-keeping, you can track your success metrics and make improvements where you see opportunities for growth. For example, you’ll know how much revenue each truck generates per day. You’ll know the average revenue per job. And the number of jobs per day and month. The sales performance of your estimators will be readily available. The time it takes for a job to be booked from the customer’s first contact, and many more. 

Having easy access to this business intelligence and making operational changes in the interest of improvement can give you a massive advantage. You can increase your profitability, improve your customer experience, and even boost the job satisfaction of your team members. 

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