Smart Home Installation Company Marketing: An Infographic

  • November 10, 2019
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Do you install smart home devices and other home connectivity? The infographic below is a great marketing resource for your smart home installation company marketing efforts. It lists a number of ways that consumers can save costs on smart home installation and will make for a great item to share with your prospects.

What are the Most Popular Smart Home Installations?

A smart home is the use of automation that connects devices or systems around a home. They give the homeowner the ability to control countless systems from a central device, most commonly these days that means their smartphone or smart speaker.

With the rising popularity of connected devices and services, smart home installation companies are seeing more and more requests for this kind of connectivity. For the cost-conscious consumer, right smart home devices can save money in the long run. Things like smart thermostats, lights, door locks, sprinklers, TVs, and alarms are among the most popular, though home appliances like fridges, washers, and dryers are gaining in popularity as well.

Why Smart Home Technology is a Good Investment

With a smart thermostat that responds to the homeowner’s presence and heats only when necessary, a homeowner can save up to 15% on their heating bill. That kind of savings adds up fast and quickly justifies the purchase of the thermostat.

Simple devices like smart power strips can save even more. By turning off when the plugged-in devices are not in use, a smart power strip can save $100s of dollars per year by eliminating the use of what is referred to as “vampire load” or “phantom power.”

Enabling a Smart Home — The Need for Experts

Plugging in a smart power strip is an easy endeavor for most. Enabling the kind of connectivity required to have a fully functional smart home may require your unique expertise.

Installing ethernet cabling, modems, wifi repeaters and other technology required for all of these devices to connect with one another requires skill and expertise. That’s where smart home installation companies like yours can add value and help consumers automate their homes.

It helps to make a strong case for installing smart home devices. Here’s an infographic that you can share with your prospects. It will help highlight the ways they can alleviate costs while adding automation to their homes.

A Smart Home Installation Company Marketing Infographic

Smart Home Installation Company Marketing

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