Expert Advice on How to Get More Garage Door Leads

If you’re looking to get more garage door leads, there are a number of different tactics you can employ. You can take a “pay-to-play” approach using advertising, or you can invest your time and effort into any number of different marketing channels. 

To help you decide where to invest your time and money, we asked the experts what advice they have that will help you with your planning. 

Follow a Five-Step Plan

Jennifer Goodwin

Jennifer Goodwin is the inventor of TheGoodwinMethod™ and founder of a 23-year-old digital marketing agency. The method she created includes five steps: 

1. Research

For example, your research might reveal that in your service area, consumers need tornado-strength doors.

2. Planning

Planning is crucial. One example of it is planning to position your service offering around safety. 

3. Building

The building phase is when you make things like content, training materials or offers that help you attract new customers. 

4. Traffic

Generating traffic to your website or location is key. This is how you attract new prospects, with ads, social media posts, emails, events and more. 

5. Reports

With reporting, you study all of your results to identify your biggest opportunities and places where you can scale up your processes. 

“The whole purpose of marketing is to create a massive wave of prospects to get into your campaigns and onto your email list. You want to convert them into customers before your competition does,” says Jennifer. “Garage door companies need to follow all five phases so they can solve their prospect’s problems early on, to gain trust and loyalty.”

Go Organic

Stuart Cooke

Stuart Cooke of Levity Digital says that companies that want more garage door leads should invest in SEO. 

“Having worked with a company that sells and installs garage doors all over the UK, the best lead generating tactic that worked for them was SEO,” says Stuart. “This involved conducting research to understand the intent behind the keywords users were searching for and what stage of the sales funnel they were at.”

“We then created content that actively provided answers to their questions in the form of blog posts, tutorials and images, says Stuart. “This created trust in the brand as well as higher rankings which naturally lead to more leads and conversions into sales.”

Think Local

“Garage door installers are a strictly local play,” says Jeff Lizik, CEO of RedShift Digital Marketing. “You have to have your Google My Business locked down, all of the key local directories reflecting the same info, and a solid, optimized local landing page. It’s nailing the basics and what’s essential and you will dominate the search engines.”

Try a Giveaway

“One of the most successful campaigns I’ve ever seen to help a garage door company get more leads is by running a Facebook campaign which gave away one free bottle of garage door lubricant,” says James Pollard, Founder of Advisor Coach. “They used the shipping address to follow-up with direct mail pieces and different sales letters explaining how they could get them on a maintenance plan or schedule a service call. The idea of giving that free bottle of garage door lubricant away identified the people who had a garage door and were having problems with it that they were trying to fix, namely it being squeaky or heavy. That has worked in the past and continues to work today.”

Make Booking Easy 

By transferring to a paperless online booking, scheduling and invoicing environment, it has saved us hours each week in administration that we are now able to do without the need for physical copies,” says Tim Tischer, General Manager of Phantom Screens.

“Having customers book online themselves reduces the workload of our call center. It frees up time to spend on other administrative duties. Information only ever needs to be recorded once and transfers seamlessly from start to finish. As a result, we are able to focus our time on other sales initiatives which will lead to increased revenue.” 

“Furthermore, less time is spent on the phones as the quality of leads generated from online is also significantly higher. Generally, only those wishing to purchase will take the next step of action — booking an appointment.”

Garage Door Software Helps Convert Garage Door Leads

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