New Feature: Easy Invoices by Email & Online Payments

We are constantly developing and releasing new features for our field service software, based on our clients’ feedback and needs. Nothing pleases us more than seeing new features being used successfully by our clients. Men In Kilts, a window cleaning franchise with locations in the United States and Canada, has agreed to share some detail (and a screenshot) of how they use one of our most popular new features, paperless invoicing and payments by email.

How it Works

When you generate an invoice, you can choose to have that invoice emailed to your customer directly from within Vonigo. Now, you can also include a link to a payment page complete with your branding, where your customer can enter their credit card and other info to complete the payment all online in one easy step. Easy peasy for them and you get paid faster. Brilliant!

Payments can be processed with a customer’s mobile device or computer, which is as convenient for them as it is for you.

How Men in Kilts Uses Paperless Invoicing

Technicians using Vonigo in the field can simply clock out on their own mobile device (in the case of Men In Kilts, they use smartphones) and complete the job. An invoice can then be emailed to the client, containing a link to a payment page that looks like this:


Consistent and Convenient

As you can see, the page has Men In Kilts’ logo, colors and website navigation, exactly like the rest of their site. Customers are treated to a consistent experience with Men In Kilts branding, and can process credit card payments online right through this simple interface. Online payments are then immediately recorded in Vonigo.

“We like that it’s convenient for our customers, but best of all it has reduced the time that it takes for invoices to get paid,” says Chris Aconley, Men In Kilts COO. “The easier it is for customers, the better it is for our franchisees and techs in the field. We’ve been paid even before we’ve left the job site.”

Want to know more about how you can put this feature to work in your business? Request a demo of Vonigo.