How to Write Gutter Cleaning Ads That Convert to Jobs on Your Schedule

What do the best gutter cleaning ads have in common? They work. An ad for gutter cleaning can be measured by its ability to convert a customer into booking a job with you. 

Here are nine tips for writing gutter cleaning ads that convert. 

1. Understand Your Market

This first tip should almost go without saying, but we are going to say it anyhow. The first step to writing great gutter cleaning ads is to understand your market.

Gutters need cleaning primarily due to blow-off debris from trees. You can demonstrate an understanding of the needs of your customers based on seasonality or the types of trees in your region. With this knowledge, you can quickly demonstrate expertise and build trust.

More important than that however is understanding what kind of customers you want to attract. Are there certain neighborhoods you want to target? Is there a home size or property size that makes for an ideal customer? Your gutter cleaning ads will be different if you are trying to attract commercial businesses, multi-unit dwellings, or detached single-family homes.

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2. Be As Specific As You Can

Further to the above, demonstrate your level of understanding of your customers in your ad copy. An ad that talks about a general gutter cleaning service might be ok. An ad that specifies that residents of Cedar Street might be experiencing drainage issues after the recent storm will resonate a lot more.

Having the ability to test ads that are specific to a neighborhood, a season, or a circumstance will perform better and help you identify profitable trends.

3. Use Landing Pages

If you’re following the above advice about being specific, it helps to keep it consistent. When the residents of Cedar Street click your ad, what do you want them to see?

Sending them to your homepage will yield limited success. Sending them to a specific Cedar Street landing page will capture their attention and align with their unique needs a lot more.

You might not have the bandwidth to write unique ads for every street in town, but surely you can appreciate how localizing your ads and landing pages will help customers choose you. A good landing page will continue with the theme your ad talked about — whether it’s an offer, a neighborhood, an event or another specific way of getting your customers’ attention.

4. Make an Offer

Everybody likes to get a good deal. If your gutter cleaning ads are meant to drive new business, consider an introductory offer. The easiest way to do this is by discounting your rate for the first visit, but you can’t stay profitable by competing on price.

Instead, you may choose to include an additional service with a customer’s first booking. Not only will be providing them with more value, but you can also help to promote complementary services you provide.

For example, you might offer some bush or tree pruning on your first visit, or the washing of some hard-to-reach windows. Giving potential customers a little extra value can help your ads convert and even lead to more revenue in the future.

5. Spend with the Seasons

Some seasons are busier than others for gutter cleaning. It may be more profitable for you to invest in gutter cleaning ads during the busiest time of the year. It may also help you round out your seasonal revenue by offering your services during the slower months.

Depending on the weather and foliage in your area, you may find that customers book more during one season or another. For example, your busiest season might be in the fall. Or you might attract more customers when the winter winds hit. Some customers might wait until the spring rains cause drainage issues because they haven’t cleared their gutters all year.

Experiment with your ad budgets during different times of the year with different ad copy and offers to find out what will be most profitable over the long haul.

6. Use Ad Retargeting for Gutter Cleaning Ads

Ad retargeting is when a customer visits your website and their web browser saves a “cookie.” Chances are you’ve seen a message about these on a website you’ve visited recently.

A cookie is a small snippet of code that the visitor’s web browser picks up that will allow you to continue showing them ads. Facebook offers an ad pixel, for example, that will let you show your ads to previous visitors in their Facebook or Instagram feeds. If they were thinking about a gutter cleaning, your ads will help keep you top of mind until they book with you.

Ad retargeting can work with display ads too. Tools like Adroll let you show your display ads on ROS (run of schedule) ad networks. Think of the power of showing your ad to a customer on their favorite news website for example. Done properly, ad retargeting can be very powerful. For example, let’s say a customer searches for “gutter cleaning Seattle.” They visit your landing page and their browser picks up a cookie. Later that day they see your ad in their Instagram feed. This is your ad investment working well — you are only paying for the first click and for the “impressions” on Instagram from people who have already expressed a buying intent.

7. Keep Your Creative Fresh

Cycle through new ad copy with the seasons and always keep it fresh. You might serve a large geographical area or have a service area that is confined to one small city or town.

“Ad fatigue” happens when customers see the same ad creative time and again and are able to tune it out. Think of the Instagram example above. If they are seeing the same ad more than once, they’ll grow tired of it and scroll past. If you have new ad creative popping up all the time, it will help you engage them when the time comes for them to book with you.

8. Have a TOFU Conversion Option

A TOFU (or top of the funnel, in ad speak) conversion is one that doesn’t require the customer to book right away. When we say funnel, we are referring to a sales funnel — many ‘prospects’ may enter the wide end of your sales funnel, while a select few will make to the bottom and book a job.

Filling the top of your funnel with more prospects is a great way to help your gutter cleaning ads convert. For example, let’s say you offer a free online quoting option. Or perhaps you have an ebook or email list that promises yard care or gutter cleaning tips. If you can get your prospects to commit to this first step, you can use subsequent follow-ups like email to remind them to book. It’s easier to get a customer to commit to something free and “no strings attached” than to book with you right away, so consider whether a TOFU conversion option is right for you.

An example of this is when we show you a link for an ebook that talks about online booking for home services companies, rather than assuming you are ready to shop for gutter cleaning software on your first visit to our site.

9. Make Booking Easy 

Perhaps the most important factor in helping a customer to book a job with you is to make the booking process easy. Do they need to request a quote first? Having a simple and easy online booking process can help a lot.

Gutter cleaning software with online booking can make this easy for both you and your customers. Offering an online quote or online booking option can mean that your ads can result directly in new leads or new business. When the customer books the job online themselves, you save on administration time by not requiring a salesperson to close to the sale. The job is more profitable and it is already scheduled in your gutter cleaning software.

It’s a great way to access a new market of customers that value convenience over price and want to book immediately on their own terms. You can have your gutter cleaning ads and landing pages link directly to your online booking portal and give your revenues a profitability a boost.

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