7 Ways Air Duct Cleaning Software Can Help Your Business Grow

Chances are you are already using a number of software tools to operate your duct cleaning business. Here’s why it might be time to switch to air duct cleaning software. 

When your business reaches a certain level, you can gain a lot of efficiency by having business management software that is configured to meet the unique needs of your business. Here are seven ways that air duct cleaning software can help you manage your business and enable it to grow. 

Modern PURAIR uses Vonigo’s air duct cleaning software to manage their entire franchise.

1. Access a New Market of Customers with Online Booking

When you have air duct cleaning software with online booking, you can attract a new kind of customer. Some people value convenience over price and will book with the company that offers the most convenient process. 

Online booking lets these convenience-seeking customers choose a time that suits them and to book the job without having to speak to a member of your team. It’s not only more convenient for them but for you too. You can be booking air duct cleaning jobs while you sleep. 

“This self-serve model just works,” says Modern PURAIR Founder Lane Martin. “Customers see their options and can book a time that’s convenient for them – so they’re more likely just to schedule it directly than if they had to call in. We’re up to about 30% online booking which is huge in our industry, as no one else can offer true online booking with instant availability and rural truck routing and all of the other things that make Vonigo unique.”

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2. Save Time with Online Scheduling

Whether a customer books online or through your office staff, the job is saved in your air duct cleaning software’s schedule. That way, all members of your team can access the job schedule at any time. 

Your team won’t have to copy-and-paste job details from one tool to another. If a change is needed, it gets updated in the system for everyone to see. Handy features like address auto-fill help you avoid mistakes when entering addresses, too. 

3.  Make it Easier for Your Techs in the Field

When your techs start their job each day, their jobs are laid out on your calendar, with all of the work order details they need to perform the job. Your air duct cleaning software can also offer driving directions between each job to save more time. 

They’ll be able to focus their time on the billable, profitable work of cleaning ducts rather than fussing with a bunch of different apps. They’ll be happier and more productive, which will lead to better job satisfaction and better service for your customers. 

4. Keep Customer Records and Work Orders Organized

Your business does a very specific thing: clean air ducts. You need a work order system that is configured to the unique needs of your business and its services. Air duct cleaning software can be configured to include the work order details you need in order to perform the job and keep things organized. 

With work orders that are functional for your specific service, your customer records are well-organized and enable you to keep a complete record of the interactions and bookings for each customer. That kind of information can be very powerful when it comes time for them to book again, or for you to remind them that they might be due for another service. 

5. Avoid No-Shows with Customer Communications

Yoru air duct cleaning software can notify your customer in advance of the booking, by email or text message or both, to remind them of your arrival time. This one feature can save you a lot of expenses that can arise from no-shows when the customer forgets and isn’t there to give your team access to the property. 

No-shows are one of the biggest factors affecting your profitability — having to return to complete the job another time can be expensive. Sure, you can charge the client a fee for missing the appointment, but that isn’t good service and puts the relationship on the wrong foot. 

Being able to provide appointment reminders automatically will give both your field crews and your customers peace of mind and require neither of them to send messages manually. 

6. Get Paid Quicker with Digital Invoices and Online Payments

Digital invoices are another automated feature of air duct cleaning software that can save you a lot of time. When the job is done and your tech “clocks out” of the job, an invoice is sent automatically. The customer has the option to pay online or on the job site with one of your techs. 

This automated invoicing function can reduce the time it takes to get paid, which shifts the cash flow equation in your favor. The sooner you get paid the sooner you can cover the cost of the materials and labor that are a reality of your business. 

7. Track Metrics and Data to Identify Growth Opportunities

Perhaps the single most powerful feature of air duct cleaning software is the data and metrics it collects. You’ll know how many jobs you perform each day, week, and month. You’ll know who your best sales reps are. You can also know which of your techs completes the most jobs. You can even find out which jobs or which neighborhoods are the most profitable for you. 

In fact, with air duct cleaning software you can track over 60 different metrics. To make it easy, you can configure a custom dashboard so you can see the data that matters most to you, at a glance. 

This kind of data can be extremely powerful. It can help you identify where your weak spots are. More importantly, it can help you identify growth opportunities so you can pursue the jobs or services that are most profitable for your business. 

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“Vonigo has had a massive impact on our brand,” says Martin. “Compared to our competitors, we’re able to present more professional, customer-friendly service offerings.”

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