7 Ways Dumpster Rental Software Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already given some thought to purchasing dumpster rental software. You have taken the first and most important step in the process toward making your business more efficient and helping it grow. 

In this article, we’ll explain how dumpster rental software can help you manage your business. And even more importantly, how it can help pave the way for growth.

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1. Better Service Means More Repeat Business

With dumpster rental software your business will be more organized and run more efficiently. Customers will appreciate this new level of professionalism as well. Having all of your appointment information, locations, driving directions, and communications in a single software suite will help you operate more efficiently.

When customers experience the kind of professionalism that you can deliver with dumpster rental software, they will be more likely to repeat as customers.

What’s more, your dumpster rental software can keep accurate records of your customers’ previous bookings. This makes it easier for them to book again. It also helps your business to understand their preferences, based on their past bookings. That level of service and accurate customer record-keeping makes a big difference. When you are making it easier for your customers, you close the door on your competition.

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2. Attract A Better Quality of Customer 

 Some customers prefer a level of convenience that you can offer them when you use dumpster rental software. Features like online booking can be a major difference-maker. For the customers that prefer that level of convenience, a feature like online booking might be enough to help you win the business.

After all, renting a dumpster does not require a lot of negotiation. It shouldn’t need to tie up your office staff or sales reps. A customer can visit your website, view your pricing, choose a delivery time, a dumpster size, the duration of the rental, and confirm the booking, all in one visit to your site.

When you can offer that level of service you are no longer competing on price with your competition. Instead, you’re competing on service, and this can make all the difference to your profitability.

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3. Simplify Your Rental Process to Suit Your Specific Needs

 Your dumpster rental prices and dumpster sizes are likely all predetermined and don’t change very often. The same goes for your business hours, your service areas, and the amount of inventory you have available.

Configure your dumpster rental software to account for these things in order to simplify the rental process for your customers. You also simplify things for your team, both in the office and in your delivery trucks.

Things like the size of the dumpster, the duration of the rental, any additional factors that need to be added to the booking. Also, any specifics about where to deliver the unit can be specified in your work orders, configured to your business’ unique needs.

4. Make it Easier for Your Delivery Drivers and Keep Them Happy

 You can make all of the details of your schedule available to your drivers using your dumpster rental software mobile app. Having this information at hand, along with the ability to stay up-to-date with any changes that the customer or your teams may need to make, will help them go about their day and make things much easier for them.

Having a detailed schedule along with driving directions and specific customer notes will make things easier for your customers. It will also improve the job satisfaction of your drivers. You can keep your processes simple for everyone involved. You can offer your customers and your team transparency into your scheduling and job details. Everyone will be much happier and your costs may be reduced as well.

Happy drivers stick around for the long term. Keeping them organized and focused on driving will help them continue to deliver the kind of service that your business wants to be known for.

5. Fewer Missed or Changed Deliveries and Bookings

 Let’s say one of your trucks is about to arrive at a location with a rented unit. Your dumpster removal software can notify the customer with an automated text message or email. This will eliminate confusion around the timing and location of drop-offs and reduce any missed appointments or wasted time.

That alone can reduce a lot of the overhead costs that can happen with bookings that don’t go to plan. Renting large units like dumpsters require a driver, a location, and often a customer present on-site when your team arrives.

Customers will appreciate this level of service and it does not require much additional work by your team. They simply update the dumpster rental software to indicate their arrival time, and the system sends a message to the customer.

6. Get Paid Faster with Online Invoicing and Payments

 With dumpster rental software, you can send your customers digital invoices either at the time of booking or at the time of pickup. Offering online payments makes it quicker and easier for your customer and therefore you get paid faster.

Accepting payments online or on-site makes it easier still. When you can accept payments on-site using your dumpster rental software, you shift the cash flow equation to your favor.

7. Measure Everything and Improve All Your Business Processes

 The true power of dumpster rental software is in the ability to keep accurate records of all of your business processes. Everything from which neighborhoods are the most popular in terms of rentals, which sales reps book more rentals, which dumpster types are the most popular in what areas, the profit per job, and much more.

Tracking your results over the course of months and over the year can give you valuable insights that you can use to make operational changes in the interest of growth. That which you track, you can improve. When you are looking for growth opportunities in your dumpster rental business, detailed metrics are important.

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