5 Ways Garage Door Software Can Give Your Business a Lift

  • September 30, 2019
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If your garage door installation company has been getting by on cobbled-together business solutions, perhaps it’s time for a change to purpose-built garage door software. 

Managing your garage door business with a software suite designed specifically for your business’ needs can really give you a lift. It can open up new markets, and shut down inefficiencies. All of these puns are intended (did you catch them?) and they also ring true. Read on to learn five ways that garage door software can help you manage and grow your business. 

1. Online Booking Gets You More New Customers

Think of the profile of your typical garage door customer. They are building or renovating their home or business. By that criterion alone you can probably infer a certain amount of affluence and they are more than likely in their prime “spending years” in terms of age. There is also a good likelihood that they are technology-savvy and place a high value on their time. 

PROLIFT Garage Doors’ online booking engine starts with your ZIP code

Sometimes, closing more garage door installation leads is about offering the most convenient solution. In terms of convenience, online booking wins the day. When a time-crunched customer can get access to pricing and book either an on-site estimate or service right on your website, you’re more likely to get their business. The simple act of letting them select a time that’s convenient for them can increase your online conversions rates drastically, as it helps you gain access to the customers who value convenience over price.

The value of online booking doesn’t end with the convenience it gives your customers, however.

workforce management

2. Universal Scheduling Saves You Admin Time

Whether a job is booked online or through your office team, having it on a calendar within your garage door software can save you loads of administration time. Once a job is on your schedule, your entire team can view it. 

Whether it’s your estimator or sales team, your office team, or your installers in the trucks, everyone has immediate access to the complete info for each booking. When changes happen, the whole team sees the change updated on their devices. 

3. Customer Records Make You Better at Everything

Is it the first time you’ve visited that customer to do an estimate? Is it a repeat customer inquiring about an installation at a new property? Customer relationship management (CRM) within your garage door software helps you keep valuable info close at hand. 

Whether it’s the detailed info about how to access the property, the names of the customers, the previous calls or interactions, or even notes about how they were referred to you, CRM records can help you offer a better customer experience. 

When you approach each customer visit and each job with a complete picture of your previous interactions with them, even if it’s a new team member visiting for the first time, they will have the info they need to continue to develop the relationship. 

4. Simplify the Invoicing Process with Digital Invoices and Online Payments

Having that job record in your software also makes invoicing a breeze. When the job is complete, your installers can “check out” of the job and immediately trigger the sending of the invoice. The sooner you invoice, the sooner you are likely to be paid. 

Accepting payments on-site or online directly from that digital invoice with also save time. It saves time in the most important area: in the time it takes you to get paid. Making payments easier for customers is handy for them, but most importantly it helps to shift the cash flow equation to your favor by helping you get paid faster. 

5. Garage Door Software Metrics Help You Improve and Grow 

How many doors did your teams install this month? How many jobs came from online booking and how many came from each sales rep? How do this month’s numbers compare to last month or last year?

The data you collect in your garage door software can help you track every important area of your business. When you track these key performance indicators, you can make changes in order to improve them. Even small improvements to some areas of your business can have huge implications on your bottom line. Improve your sales conversion rates and you’ll earn more revenue. Reduce the time it takes to complete a job and you’ll make each job more profitable. Identify which teams or reps are your top performers and replicate their success throughout your team. 

Once you have a record of important areas of your business like these, there is no end to the ways you can affect profitability and growth with your creative solutions. In Vonigo’s garage door software dashboard, you can track up to 60 different metrics and choose the ones that are most important to your desired outcomes. 

Garage Door Software Customized to Your Unique Business

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