How to Write an Exceptional Cleaning Company About Us Page

With all of the cleaning companies in your area competing for the same jobs, how do you stand out? Your cleaning company About Us page can help you define who you are as a company, set you apart, and help customers choose to book with you.

Here are seven ways you can improve your cleaning company About Us page.

1. Be Unique

One of the ways to stand out from your competitors is to have something about your company that makes it unique. This is branding at its very finest — when you can make yourself memorable. Maybe it’s your uniforms, maybe it’s your services, or perhaps it’s your company’s history.

Do you hire a certain type of team member, like veterans or college students? Thinking about what to say on your About Us page can force you to give some thought to your company’s brand and what it makes it different. Once you’ve settled on what makes your company different, lead with it. Feature it in the first few lines of copy on the page.

Take for example the ‘What We Do” page on Cleen Detailing’s website. There’s a section with the subheading “Our Story” which states “Cleen Detailing was started in 2016 by two 17-year-old university students and life long best friends, Sawyer and Carson. Their first season of operations was run entirely out of their parents’ garages in Ottawa, Ontario. Fast forward to now, Cleen is rapidly expanding, and employs over 40 students each summer across Canada.” In a few words, they’ve communicated their brand story and given potential customers something to remember them for, as well as a desire to support them.

2. Explain What You Do

Branding is terrific, but the single most important thing you can put on your About Us page is what your company does. In the very first line, or even in the tagline, be clear about the type of cleaning company you are.

Do you do residential or commercial cleaning? Do you provide disaster or flood cleanup? Or perhaps you specialize in cleaning up after construction sites.

Elite Window Cleaning knows how to leave an impression

3. Spotlight on Your People

Have a leadership team or founder that you’re proud of? Boasting an industry-topping Yelp score? Put the spotlight on your people and tell visitors why they’re great.

Highlighting your team on your About Us page will accomplish two things: it will help endear website visitors to your team, and it will make your team proud of where they work.

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4. Celebrate Your Community

Since you’re a cleaning business, your geography is probably very important to your business’ identity. Talk about your city or service area and celebrate what makes it unique.

Mentioning your town will help potential customers see that you’re passionate about your area. It will also help rank you better in the search engines for searches that contain the name of your city.

5. Highlight Your Involvement

If your company is involved in giving back to your community, don’t be shy about giving it a mention. For example, if you donate funds or volunteer with a local charity, let people know. If you sponsor a little league team or theatre group, give them a mention and a link from your About Us page.

Remember that your About Us page is where people go to learn more about your company when they are evaluating whether to choose you. The fact that you are members of the local chamber of commerce or help organize toy drives might be the kind of thing that helps them make that decision. Elite Window Cleaners don’t have a traditional ‘About Us’ page, but website visitors can’t help but notice their “Superhero Day” page, where they seem to hire only bonafide superheroes for a day to raise money for Kingston General Hospital. While it’s not a typical About Us page, it checks all the boxes and gets them a lot of press mentions.

6. Keep Your Cleaning Company About Us Brief and Easy to Read

We’re offering a lot of tips about what to include and if you’re not careful, you could end up writing a book. Rather than risk being too long-winded, focus on being succinct and keeping it short and sweet.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

The end goal of virtually every part of your website is to convince visitors to book with you. If they’ve read all the way to the bottom of your About Us page, go ahead and ask for their business. Invite them to book with you online or contact you for a quote. You never know, they just might book a cleaning job and become a long-term customer.

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