5 Ways Cleaning Service Software Gives You a Professional Edge

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, a way to give your business a kickstart, or to level up, consider a move to cleaning service software. Here are five reasons why it’s time to make the transition.

1. Cleaning Service Software Gives Your Image a Boost

It’s easy to think that a paper-based work order, scheduling and invoicing systems are a good way to keep your overhead low. It might, however, be costing you more than you realize. Customers of all ages have grown to expect a more electronic approach to your business operations. Seeing your paper-based or scattered operations practices stands out as unprofessional.

Consider how your current scheduling and operations stack up against a more technologically savvy competitor. You could be leaving money on the table and missing out on market share because you’re not taking advantage of the best tools of the trade.

2. Online Booking Brings a New Kind of Customer and More Revenue

The savviest of your customers don’t even want to make phone bookings anymore. Why would they, when they can schedule the appointment themselves online, and have it sync with their calendars? Make no mistake — we’re not talking about millennials or technocrats. The convenience of online booking has propagated from airline and concert tickets to be an industry standard in a vast number of industries for a variety of customers.

For some customers, the absence of online booking means they’ll take their business elsewhere.

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3. You Save Time on Admin Costs and Keep Technicians Happy

With features like online booking, digital work orders and scheduling, your front line teams spend less time fumbling with schedules and driving directions. Your cleaner or their team can arrive at work to see their day plotted on a calendar for them. It’s available on their mobile device, including driving directions, so they can get started right away without additional briefings or dispatch.

4. Better Scheduling Means More Complete Jobs and More Profit

More accurate scheduling with less admin time reduces your costs and boosts your profit. With features like autofill of addresses, fewer mistakes are made, which further enhances your profitability. When your teams spend less time on administration and planning their day, that frees them up to spend more time on the work that you bill for: cleaning houses.

5. Stats Tracking Means You Can Be Constantly Improving

Cleaning service software also offers tracking of lots of different metrics: jobs per day, jobs per team, revenue per team, and dozens more. By focusing on the results you achieve, you can identify opportunities for improvements, and capitalize on areas of strength.

Getting more revenue per job in one neighborhood? Focus your marketing and advertising on getting more jobs in that region. Have a team that is outperforming the rest? Consider job shadowing of those team members for new trainees, or consider your promoting your top earners.

Try Cleaning Service Software for Yourself

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