5 Tips for How to Use Waste Management Software

You drive to a place, you load the truck with junk, and you take it away. Easy, right? Maybe at the start. When your business grows into a fleet and your calls reach a critical point where it’s harder to keep track, it might be time for waste management software.

Here are five tips on how you can use waste management software to grow your business, and ultimately earn more profits.

Let Customers Book Online

Online booking is a game-changer. The premise is simple: you give your customers the choice of when to book based on the time that you have available and let them do the booking. It gives them the choice and freedom to book on their own time. It frees up your time and that of your office staff. The booking goes right on your calendar, and everyone knows what they need to know.

It’s not an accident that we list this first — online booking changes the game. It improves your image, it saves time and money, and it lets you access a new kind of customer. One that wants to book services on their terms, often right from their phone.

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Schedule Your Entire Day with No Paper

When you have a fleet of trucks, and pickups all over the city during the course of the day, waste management software can help keep you organized. You can sort out your day’s bookings by geography, by size, or by type, and coordinate them on a shared schedule that the whole company can see.

When a customer requests a change, or there’s a cancellation or last minute booking, everyone sees the schedule change, and the teams in the field can be notified immediately.

Access Driving Directions, Right on Your Schedule

Google Maps is the gold standard of web mapping services that use GPS. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View), real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic), and route planning.

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With Google Maps built right into your waste management software, you can see the location for each of the day’s appointments on a single map. You can also access driving directions including distances, durations, and detailed instructions.

Get Notified of Complete Jobs Immediately

Your teams might have several pickups to make throughout the course of their day, and you don’t have to be left in the dark as to their progress. Waste management software lets your teams clock in and out of the jobs as they arrive and complete the work. Your admin staff will be able to track your crews’ progress as they navigate their day, and you have a better idea of work and travel time for each job.

Paperless Invoices and Getting Paid Faster

When a job is complete, you want to be paid right away. The easiest and fastest way is to accept payment on site. If that’s not possible, you need to invoice. Have your waste management software email an invoice as soon as your team clocks out of the job. You can include a link to accept online payments, and never have to print an invoice again.Or, if you’re running a pre-scheduled route ideally have automated recurring billing right within your waste management software.

Between accepting payments on site and sending instantaneous invoices when jobs are complete, you’ll reduce the time it takes to get paid. This will have a positive impact on your cash flow. That’s one of the hardest problems to solve for junk removal businesses. All businesses, in fact.

Waste Management Software Bonus Tip: Measure to Get Better

Waste management software also lets you track everything. How many jobs each team is completing per day. How much revenue per job. Travel times, pick up times, how much each sales rep is selling, and a lot more. When you have an accurate record of your performance as a company, you have the information you need to make improvements.

If you identify a weak spot, you can change your plans or policies to turn it into a strength. If you have a team that outperforms the rest, you can adjust your scheduling to give them more calls. Or, single out crew members for promotions based on performance. If you can measure it, you will know where to make improvements, simple as that. Read about how Jiffy Junk, a junk removal franchise in New York, is using waste management software to help them expand nationwide.

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