5 Dumpster Rental Marketing Tips for Junk Removal Companies

  • September 27, 2019
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Whether dumpster rentals are your main business focus or a component of your junk removal business, a little dumpster rental marketing goes a long way. Given their size and utility, this presents some unique opportunities worthy of building into your marketing strategy as a whole. 

Let’s look at five ways you can get more value out of your dumpster rental marketing, and earn more revenue with more bookings. 

1. The Best Dumpster Rental Marketing Tool is Your Dumpsters

Simply put, the single best marketing asset that a dumpster rental business has is its dumpsters. They are like big steel billboards, just waiting to be used to communicate your marketing message. 

Think of it as free ad space, but also consider the context, the goals, and the information you need to communicate before you start painting. 

Make it Clear, Easy to Read, and Durable Against Wear-and-Tear

When we say consider the context, we mean the fact that the dumpster is usually highly visible, either in a driveway or on a job site and will generally be placed on the ground at eye level. When you’re shortlisting what you’ll paint on your dumpsters, consider how visible it will be and from what distances. Do you want car traffic to be able to absorb your message? 

Don’t be afraid to make use of the entire “canvas” so to speak, but also consider that whatever design choices you make you have to cover the cost of replicating it across your whole inventory of bins. 

Have a Goal

We can suggest one — your goal should be to rent more dumpsters. To that end, your messaging on your bins should make it clear how to do that. Your contact and booking info should be close to the top of your shortlist of what to include, along with the name of your company and any branding or logos. 

2. Be Memorable

Being memorable is easier said than done. If you’re in the junk removal or dumpster rental business, you already know how important a name can be. It’s not out of the ordinary for companies to build their entire brand around their contact info. 

In fact, that’s the point we are making — there are other players in the space. Some are big, some are less so, but it’s often a battle of wits as well as one of customer service when you’re competing for market share in your area. If you already have a good name, clear contact info, and a goal to increase your bookings, take it a step further. 

How else can you be memorable? Hire mural painters to make each of your bins unique? Paint them with homages or messages to the neighborhoods they will be placed in? Come up with a clever slogan, civic promise, or guarantee? Make sure you’re thinking about it like the free advertising space that it is and make the best of it. 

3. What Your Dumpster Colors Say About Your Company

We have already written about what the color of your trucks says about your company. Give that post a read to find out why so many junk removal companies have green trucks and stay for the epic infographic on color psychology for businesses. Like it or not, some colors communicate certain things to people, even subconsciously. 

 If your fleet includes trucks and dumpsters as well, you have some choices. Will your dumpsters be a match for your trucks, or will they have a look all their own? Are there other players in the market? Whether it’s your competition or the civic garbage haulers in your local area, you want to choose colors that will be unique to you and help you stand out. 

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4. Stay Top-of-Mind With Leads and Customers

With your cleverly created, highly visible and attractive steel billboards, you’re ready for some visibility. Yes, you’ll turn heads on the street. But why stop there? You’ve already done the hard work of becoming a visual, memorable brand so why not capitalize? 

A lot of businesses struggle to come up with ideas for what to share on social media or in company newsletters. A dumpster rental company with high-profile, memorable dumpsters doesn’t have to experience that problem. Take pictures every time you drop off a dumpster. Get creative with it. If you’re renting to a crew of workers, take a picture of them with your big beauty and share it. If it’s a commercial customer, tag the business when you share it. Or feature the neighborhood in your picture with a caption about how you’re happy to play a part in keeping the neighborhood ship-shape. 

All of this visual storytelling is giving you great content that can go in a monthly or quarterly newsletter too. Remember that you’re more than just a dumpster, you’re a brand. Make your messages to your leads and customers count by selecting your best images, captions, and messages. Shortlist them for inclusion in your next newsletter. Now you’re thinking like an advanced-level marketer. 

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5. Make Dumpster Rental Booking Easy 

Your dumpsters look great. They communicate your message and leave no questions as to how to book with you. Make all of that momentum count by simplifying the booking process as best you can. 

There doesn’t need to be a lot of nuance to dumpster rentals or your pricing model. You place a bin at a certain place at a certain time and then pick it up. You may have options for different sizes, area boundaries, and you are limited by the number of bins you have available, and that’s about the extent of the factors to consider. All of this can be made clear in an online booking engine on your website, allowing customers to make the booking themselves. With junk removal and dumpster rental software, that booking can go right on your calendar, and the bin can be dispatched at the correct time and tracked through to pickup by your driver. And you keep a record of the whole thing, from the first time they make contact through to payment by your customers.

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