How Junk Removal Companies Can Use Software to Make More Sales

On the surface, the junk removal business seems straightforward enough — you haul away junk and recycle or dispose of it, charging enough to make a profit.

Leading a company into profitability and navigating your various growing pains can be a challenge though. How to make the most amount of profit and get the most out of your trucks and crews? It’s as simple as booking and completing more jobs. But how? Here are five ways that software can help your junk removal business make more sales.

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Junk4Good‘s brilliant online quote calculator.

Gain Access to a New Market with Online Booking

If your booking process involves your team in any way, that comes at an overhead cost. More importantly than that though, you could be losing business by forcing a customer to call or wait for an email reply to get a quote or book an appointment.

When you offer online booking, you give customers the ability to book immediately, on their own terms. This simple change could give you an advantage over your competition — customers who value that kind of convenience are more likely to choose you.

It’s as simple as listing your availability (per area, if you wish) in your online booking engine and leaving it up to your customers to pick the times that suit them. How would you like to be booking jobs while you sleep?

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Understand Your Schedules and Availability

With junk removal business software, your company’s calendar is visible to the whole team. If there are any gaps present, you can actively try to fill them.

With a clear picture of what trucks are booked when, it’s easy to spot ways to be more efficient and keep your trucks full more often. You may start to spot trends in areas that will help you dispatch your trucks more efficiently. You might offer promotions to fill any scheduling gaps and make sure you’re always hauling junk.

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Study Your Metrics to Understand What’s Working, What’s Not

One of the biggest benefits of junk removal business software is the ability to track the performance of virtually every area of your business. Which reps are making the most sales? Which areas are booking the most often, and which are the highest margin jobs? How long is it taking to go from first contact to a booked job?

Knowing and understanding these figures is the first step to improving them. When you can make even small, incremental changes to these, the long term effects to your profitability can be massive.

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Keep Customer Records and Get To Know Them

Similar to the above, keeping track of your interactions with a customer can be very advantageous. If a customer books with you more than once, software with customer relationship management (CRM) tools can help you immensely.

When you have a record of their previous bookings, you can save them time in the booking process. Your team can ask if they’d like a similar service as last time (“Would you like us to sweep behind the woodpile again, Mrs. Smith?”).

It may seem like a small thing at first, but those little details have a big impact on customer satisfaction and referrals.

Invite Existing Customers Back

Taking the above example to the next level, you can use email automation software to invite customers to come back at regular intervals. For example, if you perform a spring cleaning service for them, add them to a customer list in a tool like MailChimp and send them a promo email for a winter booking six months later.

Alternatively, you can offer them an incentive to tell their neighbors about you as well. If you can make several stops on one block in a day and fill your truck, you’ll earn more profit.

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You can automate emails to send at regular intervals, even years in advance. Set it to email customers to remind them of your spring availability for the next five years or more.

Over time, learn about what makes your promo emails work well, and make improvements. When it you get it right, you can match your email performance and promos with your availability. This will help to keep you busier during any seasonal slowdowns.

Software for Junk Removal Companies

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