5 Businesses Using Work Order Software to Help Them Grow

We’ve reached a point in time where paper-based work orders make your service business look unprofessional. Customers have grown to expect the kind of convenience, professionalism, and accuracy that only work order software can provide.

Here are five examples of businesses using work order software to better organize and grow their businesses.

1. Better Life Maids

Having been featured on such media outlets as the Today Show and even Oprah, Better Life Maids is a well-known cleaning brand. They’ve grown their reputation and their business by using green cleaning products in their customer’s homes and saving the planet from many gallons of toxic chemicals.

For their operation, they needed a work order software solution that tied in a centralized online booking component. Since making the switch to work order software, they’re enjoying tremendous growth.

In Their Words

The scheduling functions are superior in many ways. It allows you to create zones, territories and is built from the ground up to manage a franchise call center like the one we are building.

We are growing faster than ever before. It allows us to sell when and where we have staff and resources in place to deliver timely service to our clients. We have been able to design much more efficient routes for our teams, which saves us time and money as well. And most importantly we are increasing our sales month over month. Our St. Louis office increased annual sales for that unit by 8% in the month of May alone. The ease of the sales process was a big part of that increase in sales.

Our clients are busy, and we have to meet them where they are. In today’s world, meeting them where they are is online and on the phone. They don’t have time for that old kind of approach. They want to know why we are great for their home, they want a price, and they want to book right then. We are winning the race to acquire clients and deliver timely service.

One of the features that many of our clients love is the ability to a book online, right from our website. They can check pricing, look at availability, and book within minutes. This feature has also helped us fill last-minute spots by offering a promo code on Facebook and offering a limited availability, short-term offer. These promotions are fun for our clients and really help us keep our staff busy. Another great feature that is extremely helpful to both our clients and Better Life Maids is the automated email that is sent out when a job is booked. It helps to let the client know what to expect and improves the overall experience of our service for our clients.

-Matthew Ricketts, Co-Founder and President of Better Life Maids

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2. Home Upkeep

Sometimes, you need a handyperson to help with those little jobs around the house. Or keep an eye on things on the home front over the long term.

Home Upkeep offers a general home care service that takes care of things like lawn care, furnace and dryer vent cleaning and more. They also respond to emergencies like leaks, cracks, and breaks. They use work order software to manage both sides of the business and keep things convenient for their crews and their customers.

What They Say

We wanted to make our guys in the field autonomous. Whether they are working on home maintenance or a special service request, they can input their hours and keep track of their receipts and job expenses. Efficiency, professionalism and autonomy have all been greatly improved. It’s the efficiency that we are most thrilled with. We use it as our one-stop resource for all of our jobs.

We keep track of contracts: start date, end date, renewal date, and to create monthly invoices. It also allows us to do an annual calendar. We can schedule our guys and trades well ahead of jobs needing to be done. No work slips through the cracks. If we didn’t have it, contract renewals and billing would be very difficult to keep track of.

We use it to schedule ad-hoc jobs, keep track of staff time for our hourly billing, and track job expenses, as well as for invoicing and payments received. It keeps our service technicians on task and shows them how their time is billed, what clients pay and keeps it all at a high level of integrity and efficiency. Having tablets on the job site has also had the intangible effect of making our team leads step more into their leadership role.

Reporting has also been a game changer for us. We know the margin on each and every job, big and small. This has affected job costing in a very positive way. Here at the office, we are logged in daily. Our accountant is able to log in remotely and give us accurate monthly data.

-Adam Ford, Founder and CEO of HomeUpkeep

3. Grunts Move Junk

As a junk removal company with a mission to employ former Armed Services veterans, Grunts Move Junk is a company that is easy to fall in love with. The company, founded in 2014 by Mitchel Durfee after his return from service in Afghanistan, has grown quickly, adding extra trucks and expanding into neighboring states.

Their work ethic and branding have made them very popular with their customers, and their use of work order software has helped them complete jobs and expand quickly.

Our field guys have had an easier time going over work orders with customers and have a faster time invoicing. Our office staff has been faster at booking jobs and can book more jobs per day.”

-Mitchel Durfee, Founder of Grunts Move Junk

4. Men In Kilts

Maybe you’ve seen them on Dragon’s Den. Or perhaps you caught a peek of them cleaning some windows in your area. Whatever the case, if you’ve encountered Men In Kilts, you’re not likely to forget them.

Their trademark uniform is the hallmark of their brand and works wonders as a word-of-mouth marketing tool. But under the kilts (pardon the pun) is an efficient franchise business operation with centralized online booking and paperless invoicing.

Throughout a transaction with Men In Kilts, customers enjoy an easy process that keeps the MIK brand front and center. Even the paperless invoice process features their now-famous branding.


We like that it’s convenient for our customers. Best of all it has reduced the time that it takes for invoices to get paid. The easier it is for customers, the better it is for our franchisees and techs in the field. We’ve been paid even before we’ve left the job site.”

-Chris Aconley, Men In Kilts COO

5. Midtown Chimney Sweeps

It’s a company that started small, but has expanded into a franchise that spans multiple states. Midtown Chimney Sweeps does more than just sweep soot — they install, service, and repair woodstoves and fireplaces.

The service may be one that is rustic (what’s more rustic than a crackling fireplace?). But their business is on the bleeding edge of technology with their use of work order software.

We needed a CRM that did not crash, that had accurate reporting, and an online scheduler. It is so refreshing for all of us to be using a platform that actually functions when the buttons are clicked. We are enjoying a 20% online booking ratio to phone call bookings.

-Byron Schramm, Owner of Midtown Chimney Sweeps

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