5 Ways Businesses Use Mobile Marketing (with an Infographic)

For mobile service businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to reach potential customers on their mobile phones. In 2015, mobile traffic eclipsed desktop traffic. In 2018, over one-third of online buying decisions will involve some amount of mobile shopping. For these reasons, mobile marketing is a key way for service businesses to invest their time and money.

The Many Ways to Reach Customers via Mobile

Mobile marketing comes in many different forms. With the growing rise in smartphone use over the past few years, it is more important than ever that businesses of all shapes and sizes make use of this potentially lucrative marketing channel.

The challenges lie in the fact that there is so much competing content out there. Businesses have to do something that can really stand out. Additionally, they should aim to build trust with the customer and match increasing customer expectations.

1. Apps

80% of mobile time is spent using apps, so it is not surprising that many businesses want to tap into this market. There are a few different ways app marketing can be used, including pop-ups, banners, and videos. Also, there are many talented mobile app developers to help with the task.

Investing in a standalone mobile app might be out of reach for a lot of service businesses. Still, partnering with one or purchasing some form of exposure within another app might be worth considering.

2. SMS

This type of marketing is one of the most common and well-known forms of mobile marketing. It involves sending a text to the customer with a link or offered attached. Although it may be effective, the marketer has to first acquire the consumer’s mobile number, and permission to marketing in this way.

Sending text message reminders for appointments can be a very powerful way for service businesses to encourage repeat business.

3. Email Marketing

Many people prefer to check emails on their phone instead of on desktop computers. By the end of 2018, it is expected that worldwide mobile email users will reach over 2.2 billion. Some people are even notified every time that they get an email, so there is a good chance that your message will make some impression.

If you want some useful email marketing tips, read our two-part guide to email marketing for field service companies.

4. In-Game

This could be similar to app marketing in the sense that mobile ads can appear in mobile games. Whether this is a video at the end of a level or banner at the size of the screen, many businesses are using in-game marketing to their advantage. This one also requires dealing with either an app partner or an ad network.

As a way to gain an edge on your competition, this could be a huge differentiator. Make sure you consider the demographics of the game and your own target market before investing in this one.

5. QR Codes

This is a form of marketing unique to the mobile medium; users can scan a QR code which can be found on paper, products, or in various other places. These codes take users to specific web pages or exclusive access to content or a special offer. Your postcards, business cards, door hangers or posters can contain a QR code that links directly to your offer or your booking form.

Though they have yet to truly crack into the mainstream, this tactic can be a great way to access a savvy audience that values convenience and prefers to book with you form a mobile device.

A Mobile Marketing Infographic

To realize the full potential mobile marketing tactics, check the visual narrative below.

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage:

mobile marketingSource: Appgeeks.org

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