Facebook Marketing Tips for Mobile Service Businesses

This article about Facebook marketing for mobile service businesses is by Mindaugas Skurvydas, Head Marketer at InvoiceBerry.

Facebook marketing has become one of the quintessential tools in a digital marketer’s arsenal. This platform has managed to accrue over 2 billion monthly users – it’s no wonder why over 60 million businesses incorporate Facebook into their marketing strategy.

Users flock to Facebook if they want to find out more about a business or a brand. The platform possesses readily available information that anyone with internet access can view. According to a survey conducted by Curalate, 52% of Facebook users found a product they were interested in on the platform in the last 3 months. In other words, Facebook marketing is great to help develop brand awareness.

Facebook Users

Before going off the deep end into a full-on Facebook marketing campaign, let’s look at the demographics. This platform was first started with the university student in mind but has since evolved to encompass a much wider audience.

It’s good to have a solid understanding of the Facebook user base. This may help evaluate the validity of your social media efforts in regards to the product or a service that’s offered by your business.

Facebook Marketing with Global Reach

Social media tend to attract younger individuals, so it’s no surprise that Facebook has been adopted by a younger crowd. In the United States, 88% of adults age 18-29 have a Facebook account, compared to just 36% among 65+ age population.

facebook marketing

Of the 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users, 239 million of them are in the United States and Canada. In Europe, there are roughly 365 million users, 794 million users are in Asia/Pacific, and 675 million users in the rest of the world. What was once a rudimentary social networking site, managed to envelop a huge portion of the world we live in.

Develop Your Page

You probably already have your own Facebook profile that helps you stay in touch with your friends, family and work colleagues. The Facebook business page is a bit different from that. Create one if you haven’t already—it’s a valuable Facebook marketing tool, the hub of your business’ Facebook presence.

Much like your business website, a Facebook page is your exhibition and communication platform. As I previously mentioned, many people come across enticing brands while they’re browsing Facebook – you must create an irresistible first impression.

Fill out your company’s profile, include contact information, logo, etc. You can even include other social media links too. Intertwine your content platforms to bolster your inbound marketing efforts – Facebook is great for that.

Account Visibility

If you are new to Facebook marketing for your business, you will need to exert a bit of effort to promote its existence. Good news is that your profile promotion can be done in conjunction with your inbound marketing.

  • Emails. Your signature at the end of an email can and should contain social media profiles, one of which could be your Facebook business account;
  • Website. The website your business operates can promote your Facebook account. Many websites I have come across include multiple social media profiles on the bottom of the page;
  • Blogs. If your business utilizes blogs for content marketing, this too can be another outlet that may contain a Facebook profile link;
  • Guest blogging. Whenever you decide to guest blog, always include social media profiles – the publisher can add these links to the author’s box below the text;
  • HARO (Help a reporter out). HARO hosts a variety of queries that journalists on the web are interested in. If you possess knowledge on the topic, you can provide answers. Whenever your answer gets published, the personal info that you disclose will get attached to the answer; this may include your name, the name of your company, and social media platform(s).

These are just a few methods of extending your Facebook marketing across the web.

People like to be enticed, so you could offer exclusive promotions, or freebies to the ones who “like” or “follow” your page. This may work in the beginning to generate quick engagement results.

Targeted Ads

If you aren’t afraid to fork out some cash, you can use Facebook ads to promote your page and your business. Facebook has access to demographic user data. This can lead to very specific and in many cases effective paid advertisement campaigns.

People aren’t afraid to disclose information about themselves which can become a valuable asset in ad development. You can create paid ads that target users based on their location, age, the user’s chosen “likes”, and many other criteria.

Facebook ads can lead the audience to a Facebook profile, your website, or any other page of your choice. It’s a versatile promotion approach that can garner immediate user attention.

Engage in Conversation

Social media platforms are meant for socializing and engaging in conversation. The dialogue you develop with the audience plays a pivotal role in Facebook marketing.

In an article published by Forbes, it stated that 62% of millennials would more likely become a loyal customer if a brand engaged with them on social media. People enjoy authenticity and amicable relationships, which you can cultivate through personable social media interaction.

Ask your followers questions, take in feedback, suggestions, concerns. This is a great way to not only humanize your brand but to develop an even more appealing product down the line.

Content Creation and Promotion

The Facebook wall is a blank canvas with a lot of potential. As your follower base climbs, your wall grows in its promotional capability.

The content you create elsewhere – such as blogs, videos, podcasts – you can promote on your Facebook profile. Any new announcements can also fit perfectly on your Facebook wall.

Vary your posts to pique the interest of the audience and to avoid becoming stale. Stick to posts that are relevant to your industry. Otherwise, your fans may not be too keen on following you for much longer. It wouldn’t make much sense if a digital marketing firm started posting about “manual car transmission failure”.

Evaluate Analytics

Measuring the performance of your Facebook profile and the content within is essential. Good news is that Facebook has its own analytic tool for you to take advantage of.

Now the word “analytics” may sound dreadful to some of you, but it’s not as frightening as it sounds. You need measurement to get an understanding of how well your posts engage the audience. Without this data, you won’t be able to make any meaningful changes in the future.

You won’t know what works and what needs altering.

You want to be sure that the time spent on your Facebook profile is paying off. Track your progress, and evaluate if your efforts on the platform are a worthy investment.

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