3 Advantages of Janitorial Software with Online Booking

When your commercial cleaning company has janitorial software with online booking, it gives you several distinct advantages in the market.

Software can help your business grow. It can make you better at what you do, and increase the overall value of your business. Here are three of the key advantages of having janitorial software tools to help operate your business.

1. Reach a Larger, Higher-End Market

With commercial cleaning contracts, the goal is to find customers that will stay with you for the long term. When you are first trying to gain the new business though, you may be in competition with several other businesses.

Having janitorial software with online booking gives your customers convenience. It may represent a level of convenience that your competition is not able to offer. That simple difference could be enough to win you the business. They may even book with you without ever speaking to a human.

The kinds of commercial cleaning customers that are willing to book online value their time and convenience. They are also more likely to have a higher tolerance for paying for a premium service. Yes, most commercial contracts are ongoing (e.g. cleaning every night when an office is closed). Knowing that they can book with you conveniently for their additional needs or changes might be a major selling feature for them. It could well be the difference-maker in helping them to choose you.

How it Can Work for Your Business

Your customer might need additional clean-up at one of their locations after an event. Or perhaps they’ve opened two new locations and need your service there as well. If they know they can request these kinds of changes with an online booking tool, they know that the convenience you offer them is worth it for them to stick with you.

2. Get to Know Your Customers Really, Really Well

Much of the work you do as a janitorial company is consistent. Every day or at regular intervals, you visit your customers to perform a similar, agreed-upon service each time. But there may be changes or fluctuations to the work or the account.

Perhaps one of your field team members tells you that one of your customers is renovating an area of their business, and their needs are changing temporarily. Perhaps your point of contact for that customer is moving to a different company, and you need to change the contact info in your software solution. The ability to record these changes and requests, and stay on top of that customer relationship, will pay dividends in the future.

How it Can Work for Your Business

When your customers ask for changes or additions to their services, your janitorial software can keep a detailed record of those changes and additions. If the customer added a new location or area expansion sometime in the past, the way you handle any similar changes going forward will be that much easier.

If a customer opens a new location that is similar in many ways the ones you already serve, your quoting and booking process can go much smoother, saving both you and your customer time.[/callout]

janitorial software
Linkon Price of The Cleaning Company

3. Janitorial Software Data Can Help Your Business Grow

When all of your business is managed with janitorial software, you have a complete record of all of your company’s transactions. As mentioned above, this can have positive implications on your customer service, but all of that data can be helpful in other ways too.

Janitorial software can track how long it takes you to close a new customer, from the time they first make contact to when the job is on your schedule. It can track how long your teams take to complete each job. You can get a clear picture of how many jobs each team or team member completes a day. It can show you which types of jobs are easiest to carry out and which earn you the most profit.

Think about the implications of this. It might be something as simple as the performance of one of your sales team members. It might be that the learnings you gather with your software help inform the kinds of customers you pursue going forward. “Any company needs to invest in a CRM (customer relationship management) system,” says Linkon Price, Business Development Manager of The Cleaning Company. “I’m a seasonal business. Right now everyone is asking for pressure washing. I can copy a quote from last year and fire it off to them — and boom — it’s a job. It brings us to the next level, it’s very professional. Once a customer is in the system, it’s repeat business. It makes (sales) that much easier.”

How it Can Work for Your Business

Let’s say you find you have an easier time closing large industrial warehouse clients, and they are more profitable. You could make the decision to shift your company’s positioning to better serve, and better corner that market. When you have access to all of your customer data, sorted into the important metrics that matter to your business, it can have a massive effect on your company’s success. “It creates a report and I can see all the expenses and know my profit and loss,” says Price. “I can know whether I’m reaching my margins. If I’m monitoring a salesperson, I can see their profit margin at a glance.”

Not only that but the value and saleability of your company increases as well. Any potential purchaser or partner can have a much clearer idea of the business. The data becomes an asset that you can attach a lot of value to in the negotiation.

Learn More About Janitorial Software with Online Booking

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